J Molley Biography: Inside the Life of the South African Rapper

J Molley is a South African singer, songwriter, and rapper known for his smashing hits, including Soaring, On Camera, High As God, Up To, Going Down feat. Emtee, among others. He’s been around for just a few years but is leading the new breed of South African rappers looking to take over the industry.

Born Jesse Molley, the rapper did not have the best upbringing, but he created a life for himself and his family. There is so much to know about J Molley, and his personal life is not something he hides from the public eye. Let’s learn more about the South African rapper.

J Molley Biography Summary

  • Full Name: Jesse Molley
  • Nickname: J Molley
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: September 17, 1998
  • J Molley’s Age: 25 years old
  • Ethnicity: White South African
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • J Molley’s Instagram: @hoodpharmacist

What Is J Molly’s Age Today?

J Molley is currently 25 years old. He was born on September 17, 1998. He is originally from Centurion, and nothing much is known about his parents and siblings except that they were not financially buoyant.

According to the rapper, things were so bad for his parents that they could not afford to pay his school fees, and he had to drop out of school. As a result, he was home-schooled. Rather than feeling bad about this, he credits home-schooling for making him develop the independent mindset he has today.

Things got so bad for his parents that they almost lost their house, but thankfully, he started making money from music at that time.

He Developed An Interest In Music As Early As Age 7

Being born into a family that was not wealthy did not stop J Molley from finding a passion and committing to it. As early as the age of seven, he was already spending time writing lines of songs and practicing dance moves. As he became a teenager, he continued to dance, and his skill was so good that it convinced him to focus more on his entertainment career.

J Molley’s Music Career Started With the Group, Tree House

Initially, J Molley was not interested in rap even though he was into music. His dancing skills provided him with an opportunity when he met a group of three other boys who shared similar interests with him. While his friends were interested in rapping, he became their photographer, and together they created a group called ‘Tree House.’

Together with his group, J Molley started gaining some level of popularity. However, despite being around friends interested in rapping, J Molley still did not have an interest in the music genre. However, his friends kept encouraging him to try rapping out, and thankfully he gave in and started building a rap career.

In Less Than Four Years Of Going Solo, He Released Up To Four Albums

J Molley left Tree House to pursue a solo career, and as early as the age of 17, he had become very popular. The early stage of his career saw him drop four albums, ensuring that music-loving South Africans never had a break from him. As of 2018, he had already released five albums which included:

  • Bottlebrushstr (2019)
  • Leader of The Wave (2018)
  • Dreams Money Can Buy (2017)
  • Tour Dates (2017)
  • Nav/Attack (2015)

The Rapper Has Several Hits To His Name

Since J Molley came to the limelight, he has worked tirelessly to release hits that make South Africans can relate to. Here is a list of some of his songs:

  • Flower Child
  • Hype
  • Always Stressed
  • Going Down
  • Narco
  • Lightning
  • Leader Of The Wave
  • Desire
  • Dreams Money Can Buy
  • Up to
  • I’m Good
  • On Camera
  • Soaring
  • Never Know

J Molley Has Thousands Of Views On YouTube

Considering the number of views J Molley gets on YouTube, you can tell that South Africans and his fans love his type of music. The very first song on his YouTube channel, titled ‘Hype,’ has over 206k views. And till 2021, there are still people streaming the song and loving it.

The most viewed video on his channel has as many as 261k views, his song ‘Seven Bottles.’ It was released on April 23, 2018. His songs Never Know, Always Stressed, Lightning, and I’m Good have over 100k views and amazing comments under them.

Although compared to some other famous music artists like Master KG and Nasty C, who have millions of views on YouTube, he has come a long way in his music career as he is still relatively new in the industry. We can still expect more hit songs from him.

He Gets His Inspiration From Other Successful Music Artists

According to J Molley, his inspiration for making music is other music artists who have used their online following to become famous. Surprisingly, his inspiration is not from South African music artists but from other internationally renowned artists like Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Lil Yachty. You can see so much of this influence in his type of music.

J Molley Used To Be In A Relationship With Shamiso Mosaka

Sometime in 2019, the rapper was openly in a relationship with Shamiso Mosaka, daughter of veteran radio personality Azania Mosaka. They were so open about their relationship, and their social media accounts were full of lovable pictures of each other.

Their relationship served couple goals while it lasted, but unfortunately, it did not last forever, as they soon went their separate ways. Although they did not state why this happened, both have moved on to other things.

He Also Had a Relationship With Khanya Mkangisa

After breaking up with Shamiso Mosaka, J Molley got into a relationship with South African TV presenter and actress Khanya Mkangisa. Just like he did with Shamiso Mosaka, he was also very open about his relationship with Khanya.

At one time, he posted a video of himself and Khanya looking all loved up, and Shamiso made a post that made fans think she was shading him. Despite all of that, the relationship between J Molley and Khanya Mkangisa did not also last, as things got sour for them. As of this writing, Molley has not revealed who he is dating.

J Molley Took A Break From Music For Two Years

After releasing the album ‘All Is Fair In Love And War,’ J Molley took a break from music. He did not explain his decision before taking his time out. This made many people wonder if all was well with the artist. However, after a two-year hiatus, he took to social media to open up to his fans about his battle with depression.

According to him, as days go by, he gets more confused, and the more he tries to figure things out, the more confused he gets. He added that right from his childhood, he started experiencing symptoms of depression, and he needed the break to put himself together.

He also announced the release of his new album ‘Almost Dead,’ which comprises about 10 tracks. His aim for making the album is to help others going through similar situations and break the stereotype surrounding music and mental health.

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