Itumeleng Khune Is Married and Shares A 10-Year Age Gap With Wife Sphelele Makhunga – Meet His Family

Itumeleng Khune got married to his wife, Sphelele Makhungan, 16 November 2019, and they are still going strong. Their union has produced just one child so far, a daughter named Amogelang Zanande Khune.

Itumeleng Khune has covered the distance in both his professional life, as well as his love life. He is now very much of a happy man thanks to his model wife, Sphelele Makhunga. The two began dating after the Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper’s most publicized relationship with Sbahle Mpisane came to an end following her tragic car crash that almost claimed her life and left her with temporary memory loss.

Although he did not make much fuzz about his new relationship, it later emerged that the lovers have since been married and are now blessed with a beautiful daughter. Even though, as revealed by the South African goalie’s wife there is a massive age difference of 10 years between them, the love that binds them is beyond the numbers.

Itumeleng Khune Once Dated Sphelele Makhunga Before They Reunited

Itumeleng Khune
Itumeleng Khune and Sphelele Makhunga

It hasn’t been made known how Itumeleng Khune and Sphelele Makhunga met, but sources have reported there was a relationship between Sphelele and Khune in the past. The report was also supported by Sphelele who indicated that they were an item before they ended the relationship. In 2019, their love was reawakened, and they headed for a traditional marriage towards the end of the same year.

Before the marriage, Khune had a romantic relationship with actress Ntombi Mzolo, on-air personality, actress and model, Minnie Dlamini, and fitness instructor and reality TV star Sbahle Mpisane. Many had believed he was going to end up with the fitness instructor until the aforementioned car crash. There have been claims that Khune was cheating on Mpisane with Sphelele, even while she was in the hospital fighting for her life after the accident in 2018 that almost claimed her life and kept her in a wheelchair for months.

The speculation was that after she later got a hint of the affair and dumped him after she got better. As regards the story, it was reported in 2019 that Mpisane claimed Khune was indeed cheating on her, and she knew about Sphelele, even though they never met. In an episode of the reality TV show, KwaMaMhize, however, Mpisane made it known the split was mutual and Khune was very supportive when she was at the hospital.

Similarly in her defense, Sphelele on her Instagram Questions and Answers session claimed she was not with Itumeleng while he was with Mpisane. Whatever the case, Khune and Sphelele seem to have a close bond and often share their love journey on their social media pages.

When They Got Married and Their Relationship Afterward

From the posts of both Khune and Makhunga on their social media pages, their journey to becoming a family started when she said yes to him, followed by payment of lobola. On 16 November 2019, they became married. At the time, he was away from football due to a shoulder injury while Sphelele was still a student at VC.

Their marriage was only traditional, and they are still yet to have a white wedding, even though they are now building a family. According to Makhunga, the white wedding might have to wait for a little while until their flower girl, Amogelang Zanande Khune, comes of age. Since the wedding, the couple has spared no time in posting a lot about their love life and how far they have come. Judging by their social media postings, their marriage is blissful.

Both Khune and His Wife Are Not Bothered About Their Age Difference

Itumeleng Khune, who was born in 1982, is 10 years older than his wife Sphelele. Should the age difference matter? Certainly not for Mrs. Khune who has opened up that the gap does not matter to her and neither does it affect their relationship. She pointed Khune to being a caring father and a husband.

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For the football player, it didn’t also matter to him that when they were dating, she was still studying at Varsity College. The age difference is not a problem for him, which is why the two are now happily married.

The Couple Has a Daughter But Plan to Have More Kids

In February of 2020, the couple welcomed their first and only daughter Amogelang Zanande Khune. Amo has been a huge part of the couple’s lives since her arrival. Khune made the coming of his daughter known on his Instagram page where he shared a picture of himself bottle-feeding the little girl with the caption of “Daddy duties is an everyday thing.”

Since the arrival of their baby girl, the next question concerning their family is whether they’ll be expecting more. For Mrs. Khune, adding two more children has crossed her mind, and she would love to act in accordance. Her husband, on the other hand, would prefer to add three to bring to a total number of four children.

Sphelele Makhunga revealed that while she only wants to have three, her husband wants four because he wants to have it balanced. For now, no one knows how many kids they may end up getting, but the minimum, for now, seems to be three while the maximum is four.

A Look At the Parenting Style of Itumeleng Khune and Sphelele Makhunga

While details about how they decide to parent their child are sketchy, it is no secret that they both seem to be enjoying the experience. They also love to show off pictures and videos of their daughter on their individual Instagram pages. However, they choose to let the baby’s face remain a mystery as they never show it. While other fans don’t have a problem with this, others have accused Sphelele of copying other celebrities, as well as comparing her to Khune’s ex, Sbahle, who would have shown her child’s face.

Others went as far as asking the need for posting the child’s pictures if the face was not going to be shown. As much as the child’s face remains mysterious, Sphelele, through her Instagram page, has made it known of her thoughts of opening an Instagram account for her daughter when she turns a year old. Also, they seem to take pleasure in showering their daughter with gifts, in addition to giving her attention, and having a lavish bridal shower for her.

There were Rumors That Itumeleng Khune was Cheating On His Wife

In January 2020, some cheating rumors emerged, which could have put the marriage of the Bafana Bafana goalie in jeopardy. The rumor started after an unknown woman claimed to have hooked up with the star player. She added a selfie to the tweet claiming it to be her evidence. The claims set social media abuzz, with some believing the woman, while many others insisted she was lying because the picture appeared to be nothing more than a selfie the goalie had with a fan.

Some believed that some women were not happy that he has now settled and so they were trying to pull him down. Itumeleng, on the other hand, did not only slam the claim but was all out for war, stating he was going to get his legal team to start working towards suing the woman. Since then, however, nothing has been heard of the claim or the case.

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