It’s Happening! Zuma Is Falling – Tutu, Vavi & Hogan Join March As Crowd Chants “Zuma Must Fall” Outside Parliament


This is perhaps another long walk to freedom, and it all began with the president’s infamous removal of a “competent” Finance Minister – Nene, replacing him with a – David who is widely regarded as “inexperienced” to head the important ministry.

Since then, we’ve reported that the president’s action generated a camping that united South Africans on social media demanding for the president’s removal, we hinted that Zuma’s re-appointment of Pravin Gordhan as Finance Minister was just a brilliant way to shut down the ‪#‎ZumaMustFall‬ rage, we related how the DA asked for parliament to open sooner than scheduled so as to pass the vote of no confidence on Zuma, and equally reported about the upcoming nation-wide anti-Zuma protest.

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Zuma is Falling8Now, it’s necessary to update you on those reports. Based on recent reports, Zuma’s days as president are numbered. It’s happening, the president is about to fall. Tutu, Vavi and Hogan have reportedly boosted the quest to remove Zuma as they will be attending the ZumaMustFall March. Just As crowds are already gathered outside parliament chanting “Zuma Must Fall”.

While protesters in Johannesburg gathered at the Nelson Mandela Bridge, those in Cape town met at the Company Gardens. According to the Unite Against Corruption group which is to lead the marches in Johannesburg and Cape Town today, Reverend Mpho Tutu, Zwelinzima Vavi and Barbara Hogan will be attending the protest and have all confirmed their attendance.

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Zuma is Falling4“Thousands of South Africans have arrived at the Union Buildings as part of their protest calling for the removal of President Jacob Zuma. Chants of Zuma must fall echoed through the grounds as marchers sang. There was heavy police presence with people inside the Union Buildings taking pictures and videos of the crowd.” News24 reports.

So far, below are some of the pictures available.

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Zuma Is Falling5

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Zuma Falls

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