Trump’s Investment In Mzansi: A Bait For ISIS Terror Attack 


Donald Trump’s polices and  his recent travel ban have engendered talks about ISIS terror attack in SA.

Experts believe that the 45th President of the United States’ anti-Islamic sentiments can inspire ISIS terror attack in SA.

Recently, Trump signed an executive order which barred citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Also, the executive order suspended the admission of all refugees for 120 days and indefinitely paused the Syrian refugee program of U.S.

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According to reports, experts have warned South Africa about the possibility of ISIS carrying out a terror attack in the country.

Martin Ewi, a counter-terrorism researcher from the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), divulged that ISS conducted an investigation in order to decide if ISIS would target Trump’s investments in South Africa.

The investigation Ewi said, focused on identifying Trump’s business interests in South Africa.

While the counter-terrorism researcher refused to offer details about ISS’ findings concerning Trump’s Investments in SA, He uttered that ISS is generally concerned about a terror attack on American-owned entities in South Africa.

To him, ISIS don’t have a preference about carrying out a terror attack on an American-owned or a specifically Trump-owned entity.

“What will matter is what they get access to,” he said. “Trump’s very hard-line approach was good for ISIS to justify ISIS activity….some of the reports say they will go for Trump’s investments in South Africa.

“Even before the U.S. elected Trump, some messages from ISIS indicated they wanted Trump to win in order to infuriate more people to help ISIS with recruitment. More angry people will turn to alternative means like (joining) these groups.

“It’s just a matter of whether it materializes today or tomorrow,” added Ewi.

The South African Muslim Network expressed similar sentiment on the issue. Speaking, chairman of the body – Dr Faisal Suliman – said:

“They will say ‘there is a war against Muslims’, and Trump has provided them with a rationale for recruitment.

The Bible was used to justify apartheid. Manipulation of religion is not a new phenomenon.

I don’t believe that we have a breeding ground for ISIS necessarily, but we are concerned over false flag operations, as seen in Europe or the U.S.”

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Previous Warnings About ISIS Terror Attack In SA

In June 2016, a security message from U.S. warned it citizens that terrorist groups are planning to attack shopping malls across South Africa.

The message said the U.S. Government received information that terrorist groups are planning to carry out near-term attacks against places where U.S. citizens congregate in South Africa, such as upscale shopping areas and malls in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Afterwards, the British government issued another alert warning its citizens in South Africa of an imminent terror attack.

The Australian government followed suit shortly after calling on its citizens to take the U.S. security message serious.