ISIS Recruits Duped Of Huge Sums While Trying To Lure Brides To Join The Sect


When a feared terrorists get duped at their own game, we can’t help but admire the wits and guts of the people who had the effrontery to dare. It is common knowledge that the Islamic sect ISIS has been very adept at deceiving and recruiting people online to join their cause. They go as far recruiting teenage and under aged children and getting them to leave home for the greater cause of becoming a jihad bride. So far, the plot seemed to have been working excellently, we heard of the three school girls who ran off and joined them and then of the three women who ran off with their nine kids to join the sect.

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Sometime in May, we were all dismayed when AlJazeera reported that at least 23 South African citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group (ISIL). A Muslim group in South Africa known as ‘The United Ulema Council Of South Africa’ (UCSA) then issued a national sermon in an effort to combat ISIL propaganda thereby urging Muslims to stay off and be wary of recruitment activities of the terror group.

While hypotheses have been made towards understanding how ISIL gets to recruit its members, many theorized that they lure people with offers of better living but the general opinion is that there just has to be more on the table than the offer for a better living since most of the people who have run off to join ISIS so far are neither hungry nor homeless. Well, we can now scrap that out for according to emerging reports, you can actually dine with the devil without doing his bid. But then, you’re completely discouraged to do so for you might just be out-smarted to your own detriment.

As revealed, police in Russia detained a group of teenage girls who defrauded ISIS recruits by posing as would-be brides and persuading them to send thousands of pounds worth of “travel money” to enable them to buy tickets for the trip to Syria.

Reporting this event, i100Independent narrated that a Russian news site published an interview with Maryam, one of the three women involved and she revealed that they were first approached by jihadists on social media who tried to lure them to Syria just like they did those other women. Maryam said the first recruiter “began to lure me, saying: ‘Do you want to come to Syria, here it is very good.’ I told him that I had no money. He told me he would send me 10 thousand rubles”.

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Maryam said she blocked the recruiter from contacting her online after receiving a one-way ticket money of about £110. Having collected the money and succeeded in blocking him, she told her friends who then launched their own attempt this time by offering to go to Syria and requesting the terrorists to send them money.

The girls tricked several other recruiters into thinking they were willing to join fighters in the Middle East and eventually accumulated 200,000 rubles (£2,100) before being caught by a Chechen police E unit monitoring online activities for crimes. It is safe to say that ISIS got beat in their own game.