10 Big Moments From Isidingo Soapie

Talk of the biggest soap opera in South Africa at the moment, and you definitely ought to mention Isidingo. Yes, this soapie that we all love to watch has turned out to be one of the most loved soap operas not only in South Africa but in entire Africa. And like expected, Isidingo soapie has a number of memorable moments on screen. Some may be good, but others may not be that good. To find out more about such moments, be sure to check the list below:

10 Biggest Moments From Isidingo Soapie

01. When Cherel killed Duncan

Back in 2003, there was an episode that showed how Cherel cold-bloodedly pulled a trigger to murder Duncan – her own stepson. She immediately hid the body in a mineshaft, and to intensify the hatred viewers had developed for her, she still went ahead to marry Barker Haines – Duncan’s dad.

02. Enter Ma-Agnes

From the rural areas of Thaba’Nchu, Ma-Agnes had to relocate to The Deep – a mining town, just to assist her husband, Zeb in earning a living after the mine was closed down. With her motherly instincts and wisdom, she turned the lives of so many people around and later became a formidable businesswoman, The-Matriarch-Of-Horizon-Deep.

03. The brave story of Nandipha

Nandipha story is definitely one of the most inspirational stories in Isidingo. As a victim of an abusive marriage, she gathered the courage to walk away, only to discover her ex-husband had infected her with HIV. But being the dynamite woman she is, she used her story to pull herself out of the gutter and became a glamorous TV icon.

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04. Barker’s Resurrection

If there’s someone who is eviler than Cherel de Villiers in Isidingo, then it is Barker Haines. Of course, this master of manipulation has managed to get his fair share of hate from every viewer of Isidingo because of his unrestricted tricks. And not only did he successfully feign blindness, he even outwitted himself when he rose from the dead – another Jesus!

05. The mine accident

The mine accident that sent Stuart Buller to an early grave is what every viewer of Isidingo will always live to remember – and definitely not in a good way. Now, what’s even more saddening is the manner in which this man fell down a mine-shaft before meeting his death.

06. Derek and Phillipa

The relationship between Derek and Phillipa is what anyone would term as South Africa’s Turning point. Or what can you say about the first interracial relationship to be shown on TV in South Africa? To add more spice to the controversy, Derek – an engineer by profession, was dating the daughter of the feared mine manager. The two lover birds later closed the sweet ordeal by having a big Zulu wedding.

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07. The Deep is stalked by a serial killer

In February 2002, Joey and Vanessa were held hostage at the Newspaper. Were it not for Dup who took the courage to save them right on time, the two could have perished in the hands of a serial killer.

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08. When Cherel wiped out the Vorster family

Cherel’s evil ways began to show when she stirred the killing of the entire Vorster family – July 1998. Since then, every viewer of this soap opera has strongly held this evil act against her and hated her as much. It started out with her using Slang Bornman to kill Gideon Vorster, her husband by then. Later on, Bornman went ahead and wiped the entire Vorster family. He was later shot by Cherel in the mine manager’s office.

09. The untimely death of Ashley Callie – Lee Haines

The untimely death of Ashley Callie shocked everyone in South Africa. After attending Pirelli calendar launch on 8th February 2008, her smart car had a head-on-collision with a Red-Renault at the corner of Tana road and 4th avenue. She died four days later from the sustained-injury-complications.

After her death, the production company behind the program continued to portray Lee Haines unaired footages until March 2008. To write her character out, the story took a different twist when she disappeared upon learning about her mother’s death; and then, dying mysteriously later on – even though they didn’t reveal how she died.

10. Where’s the light?

In June 2005, everyone was anxiously waiting for the doom of the super villain Cherel. And it did happen. The much-hated Cherel was eventually sentenced and sent to prison to suffer for the sins she had committed. However, the supposed life imprisonment turned out to be a big blow to viewers when Cherel plotted out a successful prison break with the help of Blondie and Lucas.

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