Isibaya’s Linda Mtoba Preaches On Being Sexy With Your Clothes On


From Isibaya with love, newcomer Linda Mtoba – Menzi Ngubane’s daughter on the show, might just be named one of Mzansi’s sexiest.

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Perhaps the only contender with some real clothes on, the beautiful actress is striving to preach that as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder‚ so does sexy. This means that observers get to decide who is sexy, but not by what they are wearing.

According to actress Linda Mtoba ‚ a woman doesn’t need to strip off her clothes to appear sexy. She doesn’t need to go flaunting her bare body in public either in the name of being sexy.

Generally, when people hear the word ‘sexy’‚ what usually comes to mind is baring it all. A social media user once asked; “How can one be sexy with their clothes on?” Nevertheless, Linda believes there’s more to being sexy than taking off your clothes. While some fancy lingerie or a scanty dress can create sex appeal‚ there are other ways to achieve the same goal.

Thus, taking to Instagram recently, Linda opened up about not being a fan of the “conventional” definition of sexy.

“I’ve never thought sexy is remotely close to who I am‚ well not the conventional ‘sexy’ that is.” Regardless, she is on the list of female contenders for 2017 Mzansi’s sexiest. Considering her definition of sexy, the actress claimed to have been shocked to find her name among the contenders.

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“But without even a bikini pic of myself I’ve been nominated. Imagine!‚” she wrote. She also pointed out that the idea of being sexy should be reviewed.

“You can be sexy with your clothes on too.” Yes you can and a lot of ladies need to hear it. If you are beautiful, no amount of clothing can hide it.