Is Thembinkosi Lorch Natasha Thahane’s Baby Father?

Orlando Pirates midfielder Thembinkosi Lorch is said to be Natasha Thahane‘s baby daddy. The beautiful celebrity couple has been in a rocky relationship in the past years. As a result, there was uncertainty regarding the identity of Natasha’s child’s father. Lorch, however, has never denied paternity of the child. And he is recently said to have paid the lobola of his baby mama.

When Did Natasha Thahane Reveal Her Pregnancy?

Blood and Water actress Natasha Thahane surprised many when she shared a picture of her baby bump from her pregnancy photo shoot in March 2022. She captioned it with a crown emoji. The picture immediately set social media abuzz, as many of her fans were worried about her getting pregnant outside of wedlock. Some even threw jabs at her for being a single mother at her age.

Nonetheless, she was congratulated by her fellow celebrity mums, including Samkelo Ndlovu, Minnie Dlamini, and Rami Chuene. Though she didn’t disclose who the father of her child is, it was believed that Thembinkosi Lorch, her on-and-off boyfriend is her baby daddy. Later in mid-April, Natasha’s family and friends organized a glamourous baby shower for her at Suitability Gardens.

The Actress was Called Out by YouTuber Silk Talk For Getting Pregnant For Lorch

Following Natasha Thahane’s announcement of her pregnancy, controversial YouTuber Silk Talk blasted her alleged baby daddy, Thembinkosi Lorch, while also taking a swipe at the young actress. In the video released by Silk, he told Natasha that she had made the worst mistake of her life by falling pregnant for the Orlando Pirates player.

He further threw a jab at Lorch by calling him a fraud, a complete liability, and an overhyped media darling. Silk Talk, who is a fan of The Buccaneers, was obviously angry with the player’s recent career statistics and thus, said that one can’t bet on a guy like Lorch. He narrated that he had lost so much money because of Thembinkosi Lorch. And he had been embarrassed severally because of Natasha’s boyfriend, whom he constantly referred to as a clown.

Additionally, the media personality told the former The Queen actress that she is not supposed to have a baby with a guy like Lorch, whom he considers an embarrassment. He also claimed in the video that Natasha Thahane would no longer be getting younger roles and that Blood and Water producers would soon remove her from the series as people would no longer believe that she was a teenager again.

Furthermore, the controversial figure asserted that Natasha having a baby in her 20s is probably one of the biggest mistakes she’s ever made in her life. Contrary to Silk Talk’s claim that the actress no longer gets roles, she returned to work a few months after giving birth and doesn’t look like a mother of one.

When was Natasha Thahane’s Baby Born?

Thahane hasn’t disclosed the day her child was born. However, she was believed to have given birth to her baby girl in late April. On April 24th, she shared on her Instagram story a picture of herself without a baby bump and another picture where she was seen breastfeeding her child at a family gathering.

Although she rarely posts her daughter’s pictures on social media, a photo of the actress with her child went viral a few months ago. In the photo, the baby was seen lying on her mother’s chest and had a big smile on her face. Her child is said to have a resemblance with the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu – her great-grandfather.

Who is Natasha Thahane’s Baby Daddy?

For over a year, Natasha Thahane has been in an on-and-off relationship with footballer Thembinkosi Lorch. Even though it was rumored at the time she shared her pregnancy picture that she had parted ways with her boyfriend, many people believed that the Orlando Pirates midfielder was Natasha Thahane’s baby daddy.

Thembinkosi later convinced Mzansi that he was the father of Natasha’s child when he shared a picture of himself carrying their baby on Instagram. Despite rumors of their breakup making rounds online, the lovebirds were noticed to have gone on a romantic getaway just two months after the Isono actress gave birth.

Judging by the Instagram stories posted by the two on June 29th, 2022, it was noticed that the pictures they posted were taken at the same location. Even though there was uncertainty regarding the paternity of Natasha Thahane’s child when she announced her pregnancy, Thembinkosi Lorch has never denied being the baby daddy.

Did Natasha Thahane Get Married to Thembinkosi Lorch Recently?

There’s no denying that Thembinkosi Lorch and Natasha Thahane have had one of the most public and confusing relationships in the South African entertainment industry. On two occasions since going public with their relationship, the pair have been rumored to have separated. This is a result of both unfollowing each other on Instagram and deleting each other’s pictures on their different Instagram accounts.

At the moment, they are still not following each other on Instagram, as they were speculated to have had a breakup in September 2022. Nevertheless, in November 2022, the rumor mill had it that the South African footballer had paid the lobola of his baby mama, Natasha Thahane. The rumor was sparked when the actress cum media personality shared a picture wearing an elegant black and white traditional Xhosa outfit in the event that looked like a wedding ceremony.

Some of her friends and former colleagues also attended the event. They include Nozuko Ntshangase and Oros Mampofu. Interestingly, Thembinkosi Lorch posted pictures while at the same venue spotted in Thahane’s pictures. When the actress’ management was asked about her alleged private wedding, they reportedly said they had no interest in responding to any speculations.

When Did the Celebrity Couple Start Dating?

Natasha and Lorch were first speculated to be dating in June 2021. Prior to that, the celebrity couple had refuted the rumor, with Thembinkosi Lorch denying that he didn’t know Natasha Thahane when he was asked about his rumored affair with the actress by his friend, DJ Maphorisa, on Instagram Live. However, in June 2021, some tweeps with eagle eyes noticed that the lovebirds went on a romantic vacation in Tanzania.

The romantic affair was confirmed when some Twitter users discovered that Lorch was appearing in Natasha’s shades in some of the pictures she took at the vacation spot. Not only was Lorch noticed to be the photographer of some of the bikini pictures she shared on Instagram, but the duo was also noticed to be rocking matching wristbands. Despite all the strong evidence, the couple still went on to deny the relationship.

Eventually, Natasha and her boyfriend confirmed their love affair when Lorch posted a picture of the actress on Instagram with the caption, “Beke la Beke,” accompanied by a love emoji. On the other hand, Thahane also wished her man a happy birthday on Instagram a couple of days later. Though the pair have been having ups and down in their relationship, the unfollowing of each other on Instagram is believed to be a publicity stunt to keep their affair private.

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