Is Samuel L. Jackson’s Joke About Moving To South Africa A Veiled Insult?


OK, so Samuel L Jackson made a comment while he was cracking jokes. The sketch, titled The Hateful Eight Ball with Samuel L. Jackson, was part of a segment on Kimmel’s late night talk show. The guy was quite funny because every remark he made got the crowd rolling over in laughter. Among all of the things he said that were really funny, one thing snagged our attention and has refused to let go. Jackson said if Donald Trump should win the US presidential elections and becomes president, he would move/relocate to South Africa.

In the exact words he used, Jackson said;

“If that motherfucker becomes president I will move my black ass to South Africa.”

Of course when he said it, there was a roar of laughter everywhere. South Africans laughed along too. Watch the video for yourself.

But when all the laughter has settled thoughts began to pour in and people are asking, was there a veiled insult in what Jackson said? Why did he not choose any other African country to crack a joke with.

A dig into the ancestry of Samuel Jacson shows that he partially descends from the Benga people of Gabon. Why does he not want to haul his ‘black ass’ to Gabon where he has ties to? It sounded like South Africa was the poorest and farthest place he could think of in a split second.

Beyond the joke scene also, others want to know, will he actually move to SA if Trump wins? Because from all indications, Trump is leading all the other candidates in the polls so far. Do you think he will actually do it?