Is Ruan Adams Still Pabi Moloi’s Husband?

Pabi Moloi and Ruan Adams got separated in 2017, just a year after getting married. Since then, they have been embroiled in legal battles over their child’s custody as well as the sharing of their joint estate.

Adams decided to dissolve the marriage in April 2022 and served Moloi a letter of demand. The former YFM radio host, in return, denied ever being married to Ruan Adams. She has filed paperwork in court, and the case is yet to be decided on. Meanwhile, Moloi’s lawyer, Vanessa Da Silva, insists that her client is currently under no obligation to settle her ex-husband.

When Did Pabi Moloi Get Married to Ruan Adams?

Pabi Moloi is a seasoned TV presenter who loves keeping her personal life away from the media. As a result, it is unknown how she met her estranged husband and when they started dating. However, the accomplished media personality revealed her marriage in a Facebook post she shared on May 7th, 2016, with the caption, “So many people got married this week, even me!”

It was later revealed that she actually got married on April 30th, 2016 but decided to make the union public the next month. Following the announcement, congratulations were in order for the acclaimed DJ, who surprised many South Africans with the Facebook post. Pabi tied the knot in a private traditional wedding ceremony attended by only close friends and family.

In the Photo, she was seen wearing a matching traditional outfit with her husband, Ruan Adams. The radio deejay was head over heels in love with her man, and she desired to have his kids right from the moment they met. Sadly, things didn’t turn out as planned in the marriage. As a result, the couple’s union crashed a year later.

Why Ruan Adams and Pabi Moloi Divorced

In April 2022, Ruan Adams served Pabi a letter of demand, informing her of his decision to dissolve their marriage. Thus, he is entitled to 50% of her lucrative estate. In the letter, Adams’ lawyer, Lutendo Siphuma of SL Attorneys, stated that his client wished to end the marriage because he and his wife no longer love each other.

In response, the media star submitted paperwork to Johannesburg court claiming that she was never married to Ruan Adams, who is the father of her child. She then pleaded with the court to declare that she and Adams were never married. She cited the abuse and failure of her estranged husband to contribute financially to their joint household expenses as reasons for their abrupt separation.

Pabi Moloi made it clear that she separated from her husband when he turned abusive and started accusing her of drug abuse. She revealed that Adams was extremely jealous. As a result, he would harass and embarrass her privately and in public too. She said he was possessive of her and acted in an emotional and unregulated manner throughout their relationship.

Thus, his attitude subjected her to unprovoked aggressive and destructive outbursts. Moloi further asserted that her former husband demanded back the lobola he paid for her on May 31st, 2016, during a heated altercation and that he also questioned the paternity of their son. In the wake of a divorce case, the Power FM radio personality deleted her Facebook post on getting married in April 2016. She still maintains her stance that she was never married to Adams in a community of property.

Pabi Moloi Might Lose R34 Million Worth of Assets During Divorce

When Moloi was issued a letter of demand in April 2022, she was asked by Ruan Adams’ lawyer, Lutendo Siphuma, to disclose all the properties and vehicles to the joint estate. Adams insists that he paid R25,000 lobola for Pabi Moloi. And that during the ceremony, blankets were handed over, and the families danced and consumed traditional beer.

He said the wedding ceremony’s major highlight was when Moloi was handed over to him as a makoti by her grandmother.

Therefore, he had a customary marriage, and it is recognized by law as marriage in a community of property. Thus, he is entitled to Moloi’s estate worth R34 million. Adams’ lawyer requested that the assets should be sold and the proceeds divided equally, or Pabi Moloi could buy out her ex-husband by paying him half of the value of each property after being evaluated by a registered valuer.

It was also reported that Ruan Adams wanted Moloi to pay him a monthly spousal maintenance of R8,500. Subsequently, Pabi Moloi’s lawyer, Vanessa Da Silva of Ulrich Roux & Associates, wrote a letter to Adams’ lawyer, Siphuma. She stated that her client denies ever getting married to his client in terms of customary or civil law. Hence, there’s no joint estate existing between the two.

Pabi’s lawyer further asserted that Siphuma’s client is not entitled to demand the requested financial documentation. And that the former YFM radio host is under no obligation to settle his client.

List of Pabi Moloi’s multimillion-rand estate that her estranged husband wants a share of include:

  • Two houses in Waverly
  • A house in Broadacres in Fourways
  • A house in Noordwyk, Midrand
  • A house in Edenburg in Sandton
  • A house in Elton Hill
  • Household furniture
  • Cherokee Jeep
  • Suzuki car
  • Shares
  • Savings and investments

How Many Kids Do Pabi Moloi and Ruan Adams Have Together?

Pabi Moloi wanted to have kids for her husband from the moment they met. She was elated when her wish came true. The media star announced her pregnancy in August 2016. She shared a picture she took with her colleagues embracing her growing baby bump on Instagram.

The TV show host, however, has once revealed that her pregnancy journey was very daunting. She experienced complications during her pregnancy as she was diagnosed with symphysis pubis―a condition that causes misalignment of the pelvis.

Consequently, she had episiotomy – a surgical procedure performed during the second stage of labor to help the baby pass through. Later in November 2016, she gave birth to an adorable baby boy whom she hid from the public. To date, photos of Pabi Moloi’s child with her former husband, Ruan Adams, are rarely seen online.

As her relationship with Adams went south a year after tying the knot, the couple only had one son from the marriage.

Who Got Custody of the Couple’s Kid?

In the year 2017, Pabi Moloi’s ex-husband, Ruan Adams, disclosed that Pabi had kept him away from seeing their son on social media. He shared a video where he was arguing with Pabi Moloi’s grandmother and aunt about him seeing his three-month-old son. Ruan Adams claimed that because he wanted access to his child, he had spent so much on hiring lawyers.

He stated in the Instagram post that the Trend SA host asked him to get lawyers if he wanted access to their child. He then got lawyers, and Pabi Moloi’s lawyers didn’t respond. Adams said that he had done everything the TV presenter wanted, and still she had denied him from seeing their child. And that he was in debt from lawyers and tired of begging to be present in his son’s life.

With Adams sharing posts on Instagram about Pabi trying to keep his son away from him, the media personality trended on social media. As a result, she was forced to make a public statement regarding the baby daddy drama. In an episode of Trend SA, Pabi Moloi admitted to having been involved in a very serious family matter. And she said that the matter had been referred to their attorneys, who would resolve the issue.

It’s still unclear whether Ruan Adams has presently been granted access to his son or Pabi Moloi still has sole custody of their son.

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