Is Randall Abrahams Married? – Facts About His Alleged Wife and Past Girlfriends

Randall Abrahams is one of South Africa’s media celebrities who prefer to keep details of their love lives away from the public. As a result, it is not known whether he is or has ever been married, or if he is currently dating anyone. It was previously rumored that he was married to a certain Gabrielle Abrahams but that turned out to be untrue.

Randall Abrahams’ married life has been a hot topic of interest amongst fans and followers of the 54-year-old Cape Town, Western Cape-born radio and TV presenter. He is admired by many for his poise while working, especially as one of the judges on Idol SA. This growing interest in everything Randall has raised many questions about other aspects of his life, which he may consider personal. No matter how much he has withheld from the media, we always find a way of knowing who has made his list of possible dates or even a wife.

Randall Abrahams Might Be Possibly Single

As one of South Africa’s finest radio, television hosts, reality competition judge, and an independent media consultant, who is remarkably successful in many things he does, Randall sure has the admiration of many South African women and perhaps even beyond the shores of South Africa, and he definitely knows this. However, unlike many others in his class, Randall has rather than openly shown his love for women, has instead decided to keep the public and media guessing who the apple of his eyes might be.

For now, Randall Abrahams has not revealed or admitted dating any particular woman; neither has he suggested nor given us reasons to believe there’s a fellow celebrity or even non-celebrity he has been admiring. He has been so good at doing this that he hasn’t even been involved in any scandal; no woman has come forward to claim that she is her lover, or was engaged to him, neither has any laid claims that the radio and television presenter was previously or is currently her legally married husband.

Randall Abrahams
Randall Abrahams

If we are to take everything as it is at face value, it could mean one of many things. Randall Abrahams has never been engaged to anyone, married, or perhaps even fathered a child. But while this can be true to a large extent, he has, at least, been seen with a woman in the past holding hands publicly in a manner suggestive of people who are in love with each other. Also, Randall has been rumored to be the father of one of South Africa’s finest DJ’s DJ Anele’s baby daddy. Though this rumor wasn’t substantiated, and it died a natural, it is still worthy of mentioning that at the time, South Africans thought they might have unearthed the biggest secrets of one of the finest voices on the radio.

Facts About Randall’s Alleged Wife, Gabriella Abrahams

Gabrielle Abrahams is one name many people have been associated with as Randall Abrahams’ better half. In fact, she is the closest name/person who seemed plausible to be the radio show host wife. If not for anything, her second name, “Abrahams,” is a lot common with Randall’s. Though we wished this could have been true, at least, it will allay our worries that there’s finally a Mrs. Abrahams, but Gabriella Abrahams doesn’t even exist in Randall Abrahams’ world.

From the much we gathered, there’s no certain individual who was shown to bear the name Gabriella Abrahams and at the same time was in a relationship or even married to Randall. Rumors about the woman being Randall’s wife only carried her name without a face. Also, when asked, at the time, if he was indeed married to the said Gabriella or had/have kids with her, Randall declined to have anything to do with her. Indeed, if Gabriella Abrahams was a name-cooked-up to peddle falsehood, time will still tell.

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Randall Seems to have Dated Someone in the Past

Randall Abrahams married
Randall Abrahams and his partner at the launch of H & M in Johannesburg in 2015

While it is difficult to pinpoint who Randall Abrahams married in the past as we know he is not currently married, the no-nonsense reality TV competition judge has been spotted with at least one woman whom we believe he has dated or still dating. Back in 2015, during the launch of  H & M in Johannesburg, Randall was seen with a certain blonde woman whom many believed to be his partner.

But when approached by the pressmen that same day for a brief interview, he declined to give any with the excuse he was leaving shortly. This was taken to be that he wanted to avoid being asked questions about the woman he was seen with. As they left, paparazzi photographed them heading in the direction of a store holding hands together.

He was Rumored to be DJ Anele’s Baby Daddy in 2015

Aside from his rumored blonde bae, which he was spotted with about 9 years ago, in that same year (2015), at the YOU Spectacular Awards. DJ Anele appeared at the red carpet event dressed in a flowing white and gold, gown looking heavily pregnant. Following the event, rumors began flying around on who the likely baby daddy might be and might not be. It wasn’t long Randall was mentioned the celebrity’s enthusiastic fans.

Randall and DJ Anele

It happened that @The_Real_SPITTA tweeted asking about Anele’s pregnancy and Mdoda’s close friend, Dhlomo, responded, saying, “Okay, I’ll pass the message over to her BF.” It was then that some fans began referring to Anele’s past rumored relationship with Randall Abrahams and even suggested that the duo might have quietly gotten back to each other’s arms and decided to have a baby.

However, like other rumors before it, this also turned out to be false as DJ Anele never confirmed that she had gotten back to Randall Abrahams, neither did she claim he had gotten her pregnant. On the other hand, as it is typical in his nature, Randall made no fuss about the accusations, as if he already knew it would die a natural death. And yes, over time, the rumor and accusations died a natural death.

Many years have passed since the media came close to pinpointing who Randall Abrahams’ partner is, but it can’t be said with certainty if the duo is still together. So as it stands, the television host and radio presenter is not yet married, neither is he known to be dating anyone.

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