Is DBN Gogo A Sangoma?

DBN Gogo, whose real name is Mandisa Radebe, is not a sangoma or traditional healer as widely speculated and perceived by many people. Although she sometimes gives people few reasons to believe she is a sangoma, Gogo is not one. 

The fast-rising DJ is very much committed to her music career, not traditional healing. Rumors about the beautiful music artist began immediately after she stormed into the South African music scene. DBN Gogo may not be a traditional healer, but her music soothes the soul.

Is DJ DBN Gogo Really A Sangoma?

South African DJ and musician DBN Gogo, who is also known as De-Ben Gogo, is not a sangoma or conventional healer. She has never identified herself as one, nor are there records of her being involved in any sort of traditional healing in the country.

Born in Durban on May 10, 1993, to the political heavyweight Jeff Radebe and his wife,  mining magnate Bridgette Radebe, Gogo spent the early part of her life in South Africa before relocating to France.

She stayed out of the music scene for a long tie due to her background before she eventually stormed the scene in 2018 after building her career as a DJ. She is not known to have been involved in traditional healing before, and since she rose to prominence in 2020 when she was featured as a DJ on Channel O’s Lockdown House Party.

What Makes DBN Gogo’s Fans Think She Is A Sangoma?

Rumors of DJ DBN Gogo being a sangoma started making the rounds after she was thrust into the public eye. First, her name, “Gogo,” easily made her fans assume she was a sangoma. “Gogo” in South Africa means “grandmother,” and most traditional healers mostly use ‘Gogo” as a prefix before using the names of their ancestors.

Following her emergence with the stage name “DBN Gogo,” most of her fans quickly assumed she was a sangoma, not knowing her real name is Mandisa and that Gogo is her stage name. Her friends nicknamed her DBN Gogo.

Mandisa’s love for decorative arm bracelets, traditional jewelry, and tattoos in traditional names also fuelled more assumptions that she could be a sangoma. She has a soft spot for decorative arm bracelets so much. She probably considers her dress incomplete without those bracelets and jewelry.

In late 2021, she left many tongues wagging after she posted a picture of herself in sangoma-like attire. She was spotted seeing chunky bracelets and matching beads seen on her arm in long black timberland boots and a satchel. Her light brown braids were beautifully styled with crystal beads.

The post immediately went viral after it was shared, with most of her fans gushing over her stylish sangoma look. The Pretoria-born DJ, however, did not make a further statement about her attire apart from the caption of her post, which read “Prada You.”

The DJ Is Yet To Address The Growing Rumour Of Her Being A Sangoma

However, ever since rumors of the sensational DJ being spiritually gifted started making the rounds, DBN Gogo has not publicly addressed it. It appears she doesn’t consider making a public statement about it important or worthwhile.

The DJ is not the first celebrity rumored to be a traditional healer. Over the years, many South African celebrities have come out publicly to address rumors of being sangomas. Stars like Aaron Moloisie and Masechaba Khumalo had done so in the past, with the latter accepting her calling later.

Apart from Khumalo, famous faces like presenter Luyanda Potwana, socialite Zodwa Wabantu, singer Boity Thulo, radio host Dineo Ranaka and many others have publicly accepted to have been blessed spiritually.

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