iRock Festival Organizers React To AKA/DJ Black Recent Brawl


Sequel to the incident that saw DJ Black Coffee physically attack rapper AKA’s road manager, reports have emerged that AKA’s management informed iRock Festival organizers that their team would arrive later than agreed.

They reportedly requested for the rapper’s performance to be moved to a later slot which coincided with DJ Black’s.

Nevertheless, the organizers of iRock Festival have since rubbished the claims. According to the organizers, they were not given prior information about the changes.

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As a result, a heated argument erupted between DJ Black Coffee and AKA’s road manager Tshiamo Letshwene. In fact, during the argument, DJ Black kind of lost it and blessed AKA’s guy with a resounding slap. A short clip of the incident shows Black Coffee arguing with Tshiamo before slapping him so hard his cap flew off.

However, a press statement released by Vth Season Talent and Entertainment Marketing Agency insisted that the event organizers should take the blame for the misunderstanding. The agency reiterated that they had requested to move AKA’s performance to a later slot.

A part of the statement reads;

“Three weeks ago we requested a performance time change for AKA to which the event organisers agreed and confirmed. We wanted to ensure that there was enough travel time for AKA and his band as they had another event prior to the DSTV iRock Festival and a private jet was chartered to ensure they got to Limpopo at the quickest possible time.”

Contrary to what Vth stated, iRock founder and president Rito Hlungwani said the change in AKA’s time slot for the event was not communicated to them. Thus, he asserted that AKA and his management went against the contract by turning up late for their performance.

Subsequently, AKA cancelled his performance at the event and took to Twitter as usual to unleash his anger. Meanwhile, during his set at Kong on Sunday evening, Black Coffee apologized for acting the way he did. He promised his fans that he’s not that kind of person.