Hawks Frustrating IPID’s Investigation of Senior Policemen


The Executive Director of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, Robert McBride says Hawks is frustrating IPID’s investigation of senior policemen.

McBride was responding to Hawks’ allegations of treason and other offences against him, Paul O’Sullivan, Shadrack Sibiya and Candice Coetzee.

The alleged charges also include treason, espionage, conspiracy to commit murder, corruption, intimidation and harassment, defeating the ends of justice and tax evasion.

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Mr McBride at a media briefing held at IPID national office, remarked that the allegations were noting but a desperate attempt to implicate him and others.

Stressing that the attempts would never succeed, the Executive Director asserted that there had been unsuccessful attempts to bring fabricated cases against him and his colleagues since his appointment at the IPID.

Referring to the recent challenge he faced at the Constitutional Court and the High Court, McBride asserted that those who are targeted have done more to uphold the rule of law in South Africa than the thugs who abuse state power for an ulterior purpose.

He said:

“…The Hawks are fabricating cases against innocent people instead of fighting crime, which threatens our democracy.

As South Africans we should all be concerned that we have such people heading institutions in the criminal justice system.

…Paul O’Sullivan has provided credible information to the IPID. It is notable that matters that were reported by him against both Generals Ntlemeza and Phahlane, while I was on suspension, were never investigated by IPID.

On my return I ordered that they be investigated. That is why there is this push-back.”

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With the above, McBribe expressed that it’s worrying Hawks is working hard to frustrate IPID investigations into very senior policemen.

“It is no secret that the Minister of Police has been persistent in trying to get rid of me and keep me from returning to my job. The Hawks have been useful tools in that quest,” added the Executive Director.