Paul O’Sullivan: Controversial Private Investigator Contributed To Pauw’s New Book


Controversial independent forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan has admitted to helping investigative journalist Jacques Pauw to write his book, The President’s Keepers: Those keeping Zuma in power and out of prison.

O’Sullivan made the startling revelation while commenting on the part of the book where Pauw stated that people who contributed to the writing of the book are the heroes but will remain unidentified.

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The private investigator said he won’t hesitate to tell people that he helped in writing the book which made damning claims about President Jacob Zuma and his associates and that he doesn’t need to be anonymous.

“I gladly admit I gave Jacques lots of information and led him to others that could get more. I am proud to have played my part and invite anyone who thinks they can stop me from exposing the criminals in the criminal justice system to come and do so,” a brave O’Sullivan stated.

He also warned that soon, “none of the scum out there can survive what is coming. Good will triumph over evil. It always does.”

Speaking further, he asked people to decide now either to go down with the sinking ship and end up in prison or to stand up and do what they are constitutionally obligated to do by exposing evil, corruption and ills in the country.

Paul O’Sullivan is the author of AfriForum’s report, Connecting The Dots – a comprehensive writing on the alleged capture of the criminal justice system by Zuma to ensure that criminal charges against himself, his family members and their associates would be derailed.

In the controversial book, Jacques Pauw portrayed some associates of President Zuma as people who are prepared to sell their souls, to sup with the devil, to keep the President out of prison and in power and have brought South Africa to the brink of a mafia state.

The President’s Keepers alleges that Zuma had not filed tax returns for the first several years that he served as President of the country, that (if honestly calculated) he would owe SARS about R60-million in taxes, and that he had illegally and in breach of the Constitution received a R1-million per month from a dodgy security company for several months after he became President.

The book also accused ANC presidential hopeful Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma of receiving cash and material support for her presidential campaign from controversial cigarette manufacturer, Adriano Mazzotti.

South Africans have continued to share their thoughts about the content of he President’s Keepers. The book, as well, has drawn fierce criticism from Zuma’s cadres while the author has received, at least, three death threats calls from anonymous callers.

Shortly after the book hit the market, the State Security Agency (SSA) demanded that the publishers withdraw the book, and threatened to obtain an interdict against the publishers to force the book’s withdrawal and to pursue criminal charges against Pauw.

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But the author, in an interview with eNCA, said instead of withdrawing the books, he would go ahead to print more copies of the book, which has kept the president and some state departments ill at ease.