Heart Of Gold: Twitter Goes Crazy Following International Star DJ Black Coffee’s Kind Gesture To A Fan


Award-winning international star DJ Black Coffee became a knight in shining armor when he reached out to a fan on social media who needed his assistance.

The DJ fulfilled the fan’s dream on Thursday when he agreed to record a song with her. This was after the fan posted a video of herself on Twitter. The video shows the young lady performing a song at the University of Cape Town. Her unique soulful voice had Twitter users in awe, causing the video to trend.

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Watch the full video here;

Consequently, she sent a message to Black Coffee to ask him how many retweets on the video she would need before he would consider working with her. Surprisingly, the rap legend sent her a very quick response that would change her life for good.

As a nice guy he is, DJ Black didn’t waste time in responding to the message and didn’t disappoint the young lady either. In fact, he made her the talk of Twitter town by telling her that he would make it happen. In other words, he would work with her to cook up something in the studio. He went on to book an appointment with her in Cape Town.

This kind gesture totally threw Twitter off balance. Thus, the platform has been abuzz with tweets about how awesome the rapper has been. The rapper’s name has been trending as fans filled Twitter with messages and memes applauding the star for reaching out to a fan in need.

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Here are some of the reactions from fans who just had to raise their glasses for Award-winning international star DJ Black Coffee;

Apparently, Twitter can’t wait for this song to drop and a lot of people are positive about its success too.