A Dream Come True: Upcoming Singer Recounts What Its Like Working With International Star DJ Black


Award-winning international star DJ Black Coffee has made the dreams of upcoming musician Yoza Mnyanda a reality.

A random tweet scored Yoza an opportunity to collaborate with internationally acclaimed musician and record producer DJ Black Coffee.

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It all started when the University of Cape Town graduate took a leap of faith and tweeted Black Coffee about collaborating with him. To her utmost surprise, the DJ replied her tweet in the affirmative.

As a nice guy he is, DJ Black didn’t waste time in responding to the message and didn’t disappoint the young lady either. In fact, he made her the talk of Twitter town by telling her that he would make it happen. In other words, he would work with her to cook up something in the studio. He went on to book an appointment with her in Cape Town.

Again, being a man of his word, Black Coffee met with the young singer at a studio in Cape Town this weekend and together they recorded a track.

Sharing her experience after the session, Yoza said she got another shocker when she went into the studio with Black Coffee.

“It was really chilled. I really didn’t know what to expect but Black Coffee made me feel so comfortable. It was like making music with my best friend. He just let me be an artist, with no pressure or expectations, and the creativity just flowed,” Yoza said.

She said they started the session by humming through which Black Coffee was able to test her vocal range.

“He was listening attentively and then a few seconds later played a simple beat that he said went best with my voice and range. He then left me to go write the lyrics to the song. He just left me alone with my music until I was ready. Everything was so natural,” Yoza added.

The session which lasted for two hours birthed a love song about how she (Yoza) met her current boyfriend. She would have released the track already, but decided to wait till it features on Black Coffee’s next album.

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Meanwhile, somewhere at home, International star DJ Black Coffee and his kids are having a good time listening to Yoza’s track already;