Don’t Quit Strike, COSATU Charges Petroleum Workers


Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) has called on CEPPWAWU members and all Petroleum workers to intensify their strike.

CEPPWAWU members have been on strike since the 28th day of the previous month.

COSATU demanded of the National Petroleum Employers Association to reopen negotiations with the workers. And accede to their reasonable demands.

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The trade union congress asserted that the employers ought to pay workers ‘a living wage’.

“COSATU is fully supportive of the workers withdrawal of their labor because the union has held prolonged negotiations with employers demanding decent wage increases and an improvement in working conditions.

The federation condemns these stubborn employers who are refusing to pay decent wages to these lowly-paid workers, while they are paying themselves exorbitant salaries.

CEPPWAWU’s demands of a 9% wage increase, minimum wage of R8,000 and a one year agreement are in line with COSATU’s own living wage campaign,” stated the trade unions congress.

COSATU admonished the employers to accede to CEPPWAWU and Petroleum workers demands.

The congress asserted that the demands are reasonable. And with that, divulged that it will be exploring the possibility of coordinating all its affiliates to support CEPPWAWU in their struggles.

“An injury to one is an injury to all. Forward with the struggle for a living wage!” COSATU charges.

Meanwhile, the congress urged all workers to come out with their families and vote for the African National Congress in the local government elections.

According to COSATU, workers have a responsibility to stop political parties like the DA from taking the nation back to the dark ages.

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“The federation is calling on workers to come out and punish the Democratic Alliance for applying some most dishonest tactics to campaign, including using the name of the dead to make their lies sound true and win votes.

Using the name of the dead, who cannot speak for themselves shows both the moral and political bankruptcy of this party. The DA is prepared to do almost anything to steal political power at the service of capital,” COSATU warns.