Inside the Life of Late Angie Diale’s Husband and Children

Angie Diale’s husband is Billy Diale, who hails from one of the regions in South Africa. Their marriage was blessed with two children, Olerato (daughter) and Tshepa (son).

Regardless of his late wife’s fame and successful career, Billy chose to stay away from the spotlight for reasons known to him. He belongs to the class of men who are married to celebrities but choose to keep a low profile on their personal lives and whereabouts.

Angie Diale was Married to Billy Diale Until Her Death

Billy Diale is best known as the husband of the late South African TV presenter, qualified nurse, HIV activist, and relationship and marriage coach Angie Diale. Unfortunately, his age, birth details, family background, and occupation are unknown to the public.

Billy is not a fan of the media or cameras, which best explains why the public has no idea about the year he was born, his educational qualifications, and his current occupation. Angie, prior to her death, carefully avoided talking about her husband publicly or bringing in any aspect of his life in her discussions while anchoring programs.

Inside the Life of Late Angie Diale’s Husband and Children
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It’s unclear when and where the couple met. However, the two tied the knot when the late HIV activist was only 19 years old. Further details about their marriage, including the kind of occasion they had and where it took place, are not available for public consumption.

Angie was not famous at the time of her marriage to Billy. The relationship coach, born in 1966, began her journey to greatness after she was diagnosed with HIV following the birth of her second child.

From educating people about HIV and Aids to setting up HIV clinics and making TV and radio appearances to talk about HIV and the stigmatization carriers suffered then, Angie began to distinguish herself among other women in the country, and her popularity began to grow.

The TV Presenter and Her Husband Had Two Kids Together

Mam Diale and Billy gave birth to two children named Olerato Diale and Tshepa Diale. The latter, who was born in the year 1999, is a budding musician and instrumentalist. However, further information about his music career, personal life, and current whereabouts is not public knowledge.

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Like his late mother, Tshepa is an HIV awareness activist. He is known to be vocal about the disease and for being determined to make a difference as an activist.

Angie’s only daughter Olerato is her mother’s closest ‘friend’ and confidant. They shared a special bond together while Mrs. Diale was alive. It is difficult to tell what Olerato does for a living currently or other details about her life.

She is a mother of one. She had him on the 12th of April 2015 in South Africa with her husband, whose identity is also not public knowledge. Olerato is only active on Instagram and has less than 650 followers currently.

She mostly shares pictures of her mother, husband, son, and herself on her page. Though no one knows what the siblings are up to now, keeping their mother’s legacy alive is one thing they’ve committed themselves to do in communities.

Angie Diale’s Death Really Affected Her Husband and Children

Though dubbed “South Africa’s counselor,” Angie Diale was much more than that to her husband and kids. She was very close to them all and was a great support system. Her death came as a big shock to them because no one saw it coming.

During her funeral, her daughter talked about how her demise left her shattered and totally broken. Billy also, through a recorded message, said he would certainly miss her smile and everything about her.

He added that she acted strangely two months before her demise, which he believes was her own way of preparing him for her demise. She is said to have spoken to her family members before her passing.

Her family announced the death of the veteran relationship and marriage coach on Thursday, 23rd December 2021. She died of Pneumonia at Leratong Hospital after being transferred from Tshepa Temba Hospital.

Angie passed away at the age of 55 (born November 10, 1966). Her husband or kids haven’t been in the news lately as they naturally do not like being in the spotlight. Even when the late TV veteran hit stardom, her husband stayed off the limelight but was very supportive of her flourishing career.

Angie Diale is Best Known For Hosting The TV Show, Please Step In

Angie was one of South Africa’s reality TV show hosts. She rose to immense popularity as the TV host on the Season 7 of the Mzansi Magic’s show, Please Step In, and the SABC1 programme, Relate.

She owns an organization that provides shelter for HIV-positive and abused young mothers and their children. As a qualified nurse, she assisted in the development of a pocket guide for nurses on HIV and Aids nursing care.

The late activist also published articles on how parents can disclose their status to their children. She was part of those who facilitated the Solidarity Intergenerational Dialogue for the Office of the President and was nominated to be part of the Gauteng Inter-sectoral Aids Unit’s new task team.

She spoke as a guest speaker at numerous events in the country, including the Sowetan Women’s Club gathering and on radio and television programmes where she engaged various people on the issue, especially the youth.

The late Angie Diale also worked closely with several establishments on HIV and Aids-related matters ranging from capacity-building, advocacy, care, prevention, support, treatment, and mentoring to employment assistance programmes. She advised NGOs, businesses, the government, and the media, businesses on HIV and Aids-related issues.

She was also a staunch believer in community development. Her passion for community development pushed her into working as a content adviser and editor with the Gauteng education department on the development of life orientation modules for Grades 10, 11, and 12 that are part of the school curriculum.

Angie’s daughter has also picked up from where she stopped. In April 2022, she posted a picture of an empowerment programme in honor of the late veteran TV presenter and HIV and Aids activist.

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