Inside Ronnie Nyakale’s Real Life with Wife Lebogang Mashilo

The popular movie and television star Ronnie Nyakale has managed to keep his life outside the screen of our televisions really private. On the screen, Nyakale played stunning roles that endeared him to all who watched him. He was gangster, Papa Action, in Yizo Yizo, Cosmo in the first season of Generations: The Legacy, Stone in the first season of iNumber Number, to mention a few – and to many, that is all they know about the award-winning actor.

His very private life has left questions on the lips of his diehard fans who can’t stop wondering what Ronnie Nyakale’s real-life looks like. Besides being in your face on our television screens, Ronnie is also an entrepreneur – with a couple of business interests. However, he is widely known, across South Africa, as a sensational actor. 

Quick Profile of Ronnie Nyakale

  • Name: Ronnie Nyakale
  • Date of birth: Unknown
  • Place of birth: Soweto, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Occupation: Actor, MC, and entrepreneur
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Wife: Lebogang Mashilo
  • Children: One (daughter)

Ronnie Nyakale Is Best Known For His Acting Career

Ronnie Nyakale
A scene from Generations: The Legacy

Although Ronnie is an MC and entrepreneur, he is best known for being an actor. Ronnie Nyakale has been a lead actor in several movies and television series. He is rumored to be in his forties, but his day and year of birth are unknown; hence, this rumor is unconfirmed. As early as 1999, Ronnie had already started his acting career. He played the role of Shadow in the short movie Portrait of a Young Man Drowning.

In 2008, he graced our televisions screens with is an amazing act in the movie Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema, where he acted as Zakes Mbolole. In 2011, he played a lead role in the movie Machine Gun, where he acted as AJ. This veteran actor is also known for his outstanding roles in movies like iNumber Number (later known as Avenged), Dora’s Peace, The Call, Rhythm City, and many more.

From 1999 to date, he has acted in over 24 popular movies and television series and was once nominated for the Golden Horn Award in the Best Actor in a TV Drama Series and Best Supporting Actor in a TV Drama Series categories. He trumped all other nominees to win the latter (best supporting actor) award, his only award (and nomination) to date.

Apart From Acting, Ronnie Is An Entrepreneur

The fact that a lot is still unknown about Ronnie Nyakale does not mean that he doesn’t have a normal life. Although the only thing he is known for is his acting career, he also works as an EmCee and entrepreneur. The name and nature of his business are unknown – so also the number of businesses he has. Similarly, nothing is known about his properties and where they are located. Hence, calculating his exact net worth is almost impossible.

He is not big on social media as the only confirmed social media platform on which Ronnie is active is Twitter. There, he seems to be very interested in politics and lending his voice to the fight against corruption. His last tweet on the app is dated August 14, 2020. Ronnie joined the ‘Bird App’ in August 2018, and he has a moderate following of over 1000 people. In August 2020, he was on a massive following spree and promised to follow more than 1000 fans who will post a comment. However, his fans did not seem interested in this desire to follow them as the post got only one comment.

Ronnie Nyakale is Married to Lebogang Mashilo

Ronnie Nyakale is a married man. He is married to Lebogang Mashilo, a South African woman who, like her husband, likes to keep her business to herself. Nothing is known about the exact year Ronnie Nyakale, and Lebogang Mashilo got married. He prefers keeping his real-life private, and as such, nothing is known about what his wife does for a living and who she is in general.

Due to the couple’s choice to keep a low-key life, Lebogang Mashilo doesn’t have any known active Instagram or Twitter handle at the time of this post. Nothing is known about where Ronnie Nyakale, his wife, and children live. Ronnie Nyakale is indeed a different kind of celebrity. It is usually celebrities’ culture to always keep their fans updated on what is currently happening in their relationship, but Lebogang Mashilo and her husband have proven to be different.

This couple has kept everything about their relationship and marriage life away from the media. Considering that there has been no news of family crisis or divorce threats, we can try to believe that Ronnie and Lebogang are managing their home just fine until proven otherwise.

Ronnie Nyakale

There is a mix-up in the media with some tabloids and online gossip sites erroneously taking Lebogang Mashile to be his wife, Lebogang Mashilo, because of an obvious similarity in their names. However, while their name may look similar, the former is a US-born South African actress and an award-winning writer and poet.

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The Couple is Blessed With A Daughter

Considering how much Ronnie Nyakale keeps his real-life private, we should, at least, be grateful that he and his wife let their fans know that they have a child. The couple is blessed with a beautiful daughter, whose name they have kept away from the media. It should also not surprise you to know that their child’s age, date of birth, and place of birth are also unknown. 

Maybe There Is A Reason Why Ronnie Nyakale Keeps His Real-Life Private

Just like us, you may be wondering why Ronnie Nyakale and his wife, Lebogang Mashilo, have decided to keep their real lives private. Ronnie Nyakale has said nothing concerning why he decided to be discreet about his private life. But there are various reasons why a popular television personality like him may decide to keep his life away from the public.

It may be that he is not just interested in public life, or he is only trying to keep himself and his family safe. Whatever his reason is, his fans and the general public have no option but to respect his decision.

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