Inside Natasha Thahane and Lorch Thembinkosi’s Relationship

South African actress Natasha Thabane and her professional footballer beau Lorch Thembinkosi are assumed to be in a romantic relationship. The actress recently made her fans believe or at least assume that she and her man have finally tied the knot traditionally after recently posting pictures of herself in traditional Xhosa attire that married women wear. 

Lorch and Natasha’s relationship is one of the most public and confusing celebrity relationships ever. However, the two have always managed to find their way back into each other arms after their alleged breakups, leaving the public even more confused.

The Exact Year Natasha and Lorch’s Relationship Began is not Public Knowledge 

This is the part of Natasha and Loch’s love story that they have successfully concealed from the public over the years. This explains why no one knows the exact number of months they dated before their relationship became public.

Their respective ages at the time of their meeting are also not known. It, however, appears that the footballer was already famous at the time of their meeting, considering the fact he was no stranger to the public by reason of his stint with Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana, which began in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

By the year 2017, the actress was rumored to be in a relationship with an American guy, although she never affirmed or denied the report.

Rumour That the Two Were Seeing Each Other First Broke Out in 2021

Investigation into Natasha and Lorch’s relationship started on Twitter after the latter shared a picture on her Instagram account while on vacation in Tanzania in June 2021. Tweeps zoomed in on her sunglasses only to discover that the photographer that snapped her the picture had the same body build as South African football player Lorch.

Inside Natasha Thahane and Lorch Thembinkosi’s Relationshi
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Digging more, they also found out that the footballer and the actress donned similar wristbands in the pictures that were uploaded online. It was at this point that a lot of people became convinced that the two could be dating.

Tweeps also found out that a lot of photos the duo shared on their Instagram account at various times had the same background, which became clear to everyone that the celebrity couple is dating.

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Two days later, while in an Instagram Live video with DJ Maphorisa, the footballer denied dating the actress and also tried to deny knowing her. He further attempted to downplay his feelings for her by insinuating that only a man blinded by love would take a woman to a destination holiday.

His reply, however, did not go down well with a lot of people, including DJ Maphorisa, who insisted on knowing while the two of them posted pictures with the same background.

DJ Maphorisa also wanted to find out if the rumor of him and Thabane dating that went viral on Twitter was true.

Thembinkosi Lorch Indirectly Confirmed His Relationship with Natasha in Late June 2021

The South African footballer made the public believe he is dating Natasha on June 29th, 2021 when he posted her picture on his personal Instagram account. He simply shared an old picture of the actress in all-black attire, indirectly confirming his relationship status with Thabane.

On 22nd July 2021, the actress left many tongues wagging after she shared a touching birthday post dedicated to Thembinkosi. She also showcased doting moments between her and her man, sparking more public interest in their relationship status.

The Duo Welcomed Their First Child Together in May 2022

Lorch and Thabane gave birth to their first child, a baby girl, in the month of May 2022. She is yet to share the date she had her daughter or show her face to the public. The actress surprised her fans when she announced her pregnancy on March 8, 2022, on Instagram and shared a beautiful maternity picture.

She, however, did not mention the father of her baby, which made many believe Lorch is responsible for her pregnancy.

The Blood & Water actress had her baby shower in April 2022. The occasion, which took place in Gauteng, was graced by some of her colleagues, including Zikhona Sodlaka, Rosemary Zimu, and Nozuko Nthsanganse.

The following month, she hinted that she had put to bed by sharing a photo of her breastfeeding her baby. She subsequently posted a picture of herself without a baby bump. Natasha and Lorch’s co-parenting plan is not public knowledge.

Inside Natasha Thahane and Lorch Thembinkosi’s Relationshi
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Natasha Thahane and Lorch Thembinkosi Reportedly Broke Up After the Birth of Their Child

Shortly after the couple had their daughter, rumors began making rounds that Natasha and Lorch had ended their relationship. The speculation began after the couple deleted each other’s photos and also unfollowed each other on social media.

However, neither the actress nor her football player boyfriend came out publicly to address, confirm, or refute the rumor instead, both of them kept making public appearances together for some time, leaving the public confused.

While some sources claim that they went their separate ways because the football player was not ready to start a family with the actress, others alleged that Lorch cheated. To prove they are still together, Lorch posted a picture of himself on stairs which most people on Twitter recognized as Thabane’s stairs.

Are Natasha Thahane and Lorch Thembinkosi Married?

Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch reportedly tied the knot traditionally in a private ceremony amid breakup rumors. On 6th November 2022, Thabane posted some cryptic pictures of her dressed in traditional Xhosa attire, sparking marriage rumours on the internet.

She simply wrote “Mam’Jwarha” on her first post and “Umntu Ngumntu Ngabantu (I am because you are) I love and appreciate you” on the second one. Her posts left her fans confused and guessing what the lavish affair that got her dressed up like a traditional bride was all about.

Her comment section was filled with congratulatory messages shortly after. On 22nd October, the fans of the actress alluded to her being gorgeously dressed for her lobola negotiations after she posted a picture of herself dressed in a beautiful traditional dress designed by celebrity fashion designer Lufi D.

However, the former Orlando player was not seen in the pictures, which made most people believe the actress was not getting married. At the time of this writing, neither Natasha nor Lorch has publicly put the rumor of their marriage to rest.

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