Inside Mary Bushiri’s Complicated and Luxurious Life As Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Wife

Mary Bushiri, Nee Zgambo, is a Malawian preacher, motivational speaker, accountant and businesswoman best known as the wife of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the founder and lead pastor of a non-denominational church called the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG). Like her husband, Mary is a prophetess and pastor at their ministry, which has its headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa.

Prophet Bushiri is considered one of the richest and most controversial pastors in Africa. However, not much is known about his wife, especially certain aspects of her personal life and endeavors outside the church. Nevertheless, we’ve got all the facts you really need to know about her in this article.

Mary Bushiri Found Fame Through Marriage

It is safe to say that Mary Bushiri became prominent through her husband, who was already a pastor when they got married. At that time, Prophet Bushiri’s ministry in Malawi was just one year old, and his church in South Africa hasn’t started.

It is not known how and where they met and fell in love with each other. Also, not much is known about Mary’s life before fame, family, background, and educational history. However, we can confirm that she studied accountancy at a university in Malawi and worked as an accountant with a Malawian-based Non-Governmental Organization before her fame.

Mary And Her Husband Have Been Married For More Than A Decade

Mary Bushiri and her husband got married in July 2011 at a stadium in Mzuzu, Malawi. Since then, the two have been together, and there are no signs they are leaving each other’s side anytime soon.

In over ten years, the couple has been together; they have had their fair share of challenges that rock marriages. However, they have never allowed any of these challenges to weigh them down or get the better part of them.

Major 1 apparently loves his wife dearly. He is also a great dad and a spiritual father to millions of worshippers.

One Of Their Kids Recently Passed Away At A Young Age

Mary Bushiri and her husband gave birth to two children named Israella and Raphaella. Unfortunately, Israella passed away in a Kenya-based hospital on the 29th of March, 2021, at the age of eight, after battling a disease that affected her lungs.

Until her death, the young girl was the leader of the Children’s Ministry of ECG. During a service to celebrate her life, her father described her as an angel and mentioned that she came into their lives and brought them comfort as they faced many challenges.

Not much is known about their second daughter Raphaella. Her parents are very protective of her, and they hardly share her personal life and whereabouts with the public.

Some unverified sources claim that the Malawian-born pastor has a son, who he claims was conceived by the Holy Spirit. The boy’s name is said to be “Major Jesus.”

Mary Bushiri Is Her Husband’s Biggest Support And Backbone In His Ministry

Mary Bushiri is a wife and a prophetess who has greatly contributed to Shepherd’s success as both a preacher and a businessman. The two reportedly run ECG together and have had each other’s back over the years.

Mary doesn’t hide her love for her husband; she has always stood by him both in good times and turbulent times. The prophetess is her husband’s biggest supporter and backbone.

A Look At Her Lifestyle And Net Worth

When you have a wealthy man as a husband, everything about you will be characterized by elegance and class. It is the case of Mary Bushiri. She is the epitome of beauty, class, and elegance, clearly seen in her attires, hairstyles, and cars.

On several occasions, she has been called out following her flamboyant lifestyle and showing off her husband’s ‘ill-gotten’ wealth. Still, Mary doesn’t bother herself about any of the allegations. On social media handles, she has thousands of people who follow her page and look up to her guidance and direction.

Mary Bushiri’s net worth, according to reports, sits between $500,000 – $1,000,000. On one of her birthdays, she received a brand new Benz G-Wagon from her husband as a present. Unfortunately, there is no available information on Mary Bushiri’s house, the other cars she drives, and the vacations she has been to with her family.

Inside Mary Bushiri’s Complicated and Luxurious Life As Prophet Shepherd Bushiri\'s Wife
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Prophet Bushiri reportedly owns a couple of businesses. He is also said to be the founder of SB Investments LTD, a very successful business venture that has earned him several recognition awards like the “business excellence award” and being featured in business magazines.

Is Mary Bushiri Facing Any Crime Charges?

Mary and her husband have been involved in several legal battles over the acquirement of their wealth. The couple and two other people are accused of money laundering and theft, summing up to 102 million South Africa rand ($6.6 million).

In February 2019, Mary and her husband were arrested at Sparkling Hotels & spa for alleged fraud, money laundering, and theft. They subsequently made court appearances and were released on bail on the Pretoria Magistrate Court in October 2019. The power couple was granted bail worth R200,00 each in South Africa on the 4th of May 2020.

Prophet Bushiri is considered the richest pastor in Africa. His massive wealth has continued to stir up controversies and criticism across several quarters over the years. While many people believe he makes money by involving himself in fraudulent and criminal activities, others the pastor is absolutely innocent of the allegations.

Where Are The Bushiris Now?

The ECG founder and his family are currently in Malawi. They’ve been in the southeastern African country for a couple of months now. The couple fled to their hometown after they skipped bail in South Africa, even when part of their bail conditions prohibit them from traveling outside South Africa.

Shortly after their return to Malawi, the prophet took to social media to explain why they had to flee from South Africa, stating that it was for security reasons.

Many are still wondering how the couple managed to leave South Africa unnoticed, with some reports alleging that the Bushiris fled in the Malawian President’s private jet and that they could have used fake passports to escape.

Inside Mary Bushiri’s Complicated and Luxurious Life As Prophet Shepherd Bushiri\'s Wife
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Both the Malawian and South African governments have, however, dismissed the claim. In the midst of all these, their church members and others loyal to the pastor always stood by them. The extradition hearing against Maty Bushiri and her husband is expected to commence in Malawi on the 5th of April 2021.

The Bushiris’ court battle has really changed a lot of things for them. Their lives have never remained the same (coupled with their daughter’s death), but the two are still going strong, believing they will come out stronger than before.

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