Inside Duduzane Zuma’s Relationship With His Siblings Since Their Mother’s Death

Out of the 23 children born to the former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, Duduzane Zuma is one of the most famous and most controversial. He is one of the five children Zuma had with his Mozambican wife, Kate Mantsho. Considering that his mother, Kate Mantsho, died decades ago, precisely in the year 2000, when they were much younger, questions have been asked about how they coped without her and its effect on them. Duduzane Zuma seems to be the most successful of the five children she gave birth to, and this article seeks to learn how he coped with it and what his relationship with his direct siblings looks like these days.

One may call this an unnecessary inquiry because it has been long since Kate Mantsho died. However, Duduzane Zuma and his other siblings have become very successful in their different endeavors. Perhaps if what was revealed in the tell-all YouTube show Zooming With Zumas is anything to go by, it showed that Duduzane, in particular, has gotten over her death even though he still felt the need to talk to his father about it. But what about Duduzane Zuma’s direct siblings?

Duduzane Zuma Has Four Siblings From His Mother

Kate Mantsho had five children with Jacob Zuma, which implies that Duduzane has four siblings from his mother, and they include;

Mxolisi ‘Saady’ Zuma

  • Age: 44 years old
  • Year of birth: 1980
  • Occupation: Businessman

Saady is the second son of Jacob Zuma with his first with Kate Mantsho. He was born and raised in Mozambique, alongside most of his siblings, as his mother was from the East African country. Born in 1980, Mxolisi ‘Saady’ is two years older than Duduzane and was 20 years old when the family lost their mother. He, at one point, became the focus of the media in South Africa when he was accused of financial misappropriation.

He has two wives – his first is named Phindile Luthuli, and the second is Ziyanda Dlamini. Phindile is a South African woman from Durban, and they were married in 2008. There is no record of any children between them. However, nine years after his marriage to Phindile Luthuli, Saady married the beautiful Swazi princess, Ziyanda Dlamini, in 2017.

Saady prefers a low-key life; he avoids being in the news and is not known to have any social media handle. Therefore, knowing what kind of relationship he has with his brother Duduzane is quite difficult. But since they are from the same mother, one wouldn’t expect them to be at loggerheads.

Duduzile Zuma (Twin)

  • Age: 41 years old
  • Date of birth: May 19, 1982
  • Occupation: Managing Director, ‎Dudzakhe Construction

Duduzane Zuma is a twin; he has a twin sister named Duduzile Zuma. Duduzane and his twin sister, Duduzile, are the second children of Kate Mantsho and Jacob Zuma. He and his twin sister have many facial and phenotypic resemblance, even though they were born a day apart. She runs a foundation for women – Duduzile Foundation – which she set up in honor of her late mother, Kate Mantsho-Zuma.

Duduzane and his twin sister’s relationship is very cordial because she was always by his side during the hearing of his 2019 court case for culpable homicide and reckless driving. Zile supported her brother and stood by him throughout the court hearing until he was declared innocent and freed.

On Duduzane Zuma’s 38th birthday, his sister took out ample time to celebrate her brother on Twitter. She told the world how he has been her protector for 38 years and how they were born on separate days, although they are twins. Duduzile and her brother, Duduzane Zuma, certainly have an amazing relationship going on.

Phumzile Zuma

  • Age: 35 years old
  • Year of birth: 1989
  • Occupation: N/A

Duduzane is seven years older than his sister Phumzile Zuma. Phumzile is a direct sibling of the former, but she is not always in the spotlight, and her relationship with Duduzane before the death of their mum is unknown. But from the support she gave her brother during his homicide trial, you can tell that she loves her brother a lot, and they have a good relationship going. 

She attended the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and it has been reported in some media publications that she is a member of the Church of Scientology.

Nhlakanipho Vusi Zuma

  • Age: Deceased
  • Year of birth: 1993
  • Occupation: N/A

Nhlakanipho Vusi and Duduzane Zuma share the same mother. He was 11 years younger than Duduzane Zuma, but, sadly, he lost his life to the cold hands of death on July 1, 2018, at the prime age of 25. The cause of death is officially known as the complications he developed from an ailment he suffered -systematic lupus erythematosus, more commonly known as lupus. Vusi Zuma’s death was a big blow to his family, especially his direct siblings, and his father, Jacob Zuma, believed he was poisoned.

What Do We Know About His Mother, Kate Mantsho-Zuma

Duduzane Zuma’s mother, Kate Mantsho-Zuma, was the third wife of Jacob Zuma, who died in 2000. She was born in Alexandra, South Africa, on September 2, 1956, but moved to Mozambique in 1974. She was multi-lingual as she could understand and speak German, Portuguese, French, and almost all of South Africa’s official languages. She worked as deputy station manager of Mozambique’s airline Linhas Aéreas De Mozambique (LAM), with her diploma in languages.

Mantsho and Zuma met in Mozambique and had three children before they got married in 1982. They would go on to have two more children. After being married for 18 years, Kate opted to end her life by suicide at 44. She took an overdose of chloroquine – an antimalarial drug – which led to her death on December 8, 2000. However, there have been suggestions that there is more to her death than mere suicide, as the suicide note she left behind insisted that her husband, Jacob Zuma, be barred from attending her burial.

Duduzane Zuma Has “Dealt With The Tragedy” of His Mother’s Suicide

As of the time Kate Mantsho took her life, her first child with Jacob Zuma was only 20 years old. Her second son, Duduzane, and his twin sister, Duduzile, were 18. Yet, after two decades of losing his mother, Duduzane finally spoke out about how he felt to his father in a production by Vaultage TV dubbed Zooming With Zumas.

In the course of these two decades, Duduzane Zuma has built a business and financial empire for himself, married the love of his life – the beautiful Shanice Stork, and had children. But all of these have not been able to wipe out the memory of seeing his mother die at the age of 18. He describes his experience and how he has dealt with it in the video below:

Here Are All 18 Half-Siblings Of Duduzane Zuma

Duduzane Zuma has other siblings, with whom he shares the same father but a different mother. Although one of them – Edward Zuma – has stood in solidarity with him on several occasions, the relationship between Duduzane Zuma and most of his other half-siblings is not very clear to the public. Aside from his four direct siblings, he has 18 half-siblings; some are famous for different endeavors, while others prefer a private and quiet life. They include:

  • Mziwoxolo Edward Zuma – Son, born in 1977 by Minah Shongwe
  • Msholozi Zuma – Daughter, born in 1982 by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
  • Gugulethu (Gugu) Zuma-Ncube – Daughter, born in 1985 by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
  • Nokuthula (Thuli) Nomaqhawe Zuma – Daughter, born in 1987 by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
  • Thuthukile (Thuthu) Xolile Nomonde Zuma – Daughter, born in 1988 by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
  • Thandisiwe Zuma – Daughter, born in 2002 by Nompumelelo Ntuli (MaNtuli)
  • Sinqumo Zuma – Son, born in 2005 by Gloria Bongekile Ngema
  • Sinqobile Zuma – Daughter, born in February 2006 by Nompumelelo Ntuli (MaNtuli)
  • Manqoba Kholwani Zuma – Son, born in August 2010 by Nompumelelo Ntuli (MaNtuli)
  • Thandekile Matina Zuma – Daughter, born on October 8, 2009, by Sonono Khoza
  • Two daughters – born January 18, 1998, and September 19, 2002, respectively by Priscilla Nonkwaleko Mhlongo
  • A daughter, born in October 2007 by Thobeka Stacie Madiba
  • Three children (including twins) – by an unnamed woman from Johannesburg
  • Another child – Daughter, by an unnamed woman from Richard’s Bay
  • Another child – born on April 12, 2018, by Nonkanyiso Conco
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