Indonesians Wonder Why Zuma Hasn’t Been Impeached


With the many Zuma issues going on in South Africa, a delegation of Indonesian MPs demanded to know if Zuma is unimpeachable.

The Indonesian Mps directed their question to the Constitutional Review Committee.

As visiting guests of the committee, BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the Indonesian MPs asked for an opportunity to sit in and observe its processes.

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Reports have it that some of the Indonesian delegates couldn’t comprehend why President Zuma is still leading SA after the Constitutional Court found that he failed to uphold the Constitution of the nation.

At one point, one of the Indonesian MPs spoke through an interpreter asking if  South Africa’s Constitution didn’t enable the removal of an unwanted president.

The committee was reportedly taken aback for a while before ACDP’s Steve Swart answered the question.

“Yes” he said, “by law he can be (impeached). And, the provisions are made for in the Constitution,” Swart added.

Citing SA Constitution, the ACDP MP buttressed that Parliament will have to get a supporting vote of 66.67% from the National Assembly to impeach Zuma.

He went on to identify the reasons for removal to include; a serious violation of SA’s Constitution or law, gross misconduct  and the inability to perform office functions.

Also, he pointed out that there’s a provision for the ‘no confidence motion’. That, he told the Indonesian Mps, “requires a 50% plus 1 pass in the National Assembly. The president has to resign if that motion is passed,” Swart explained.

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The relationship between South Africa and Indonesia can be traced back to the fight against apartheid.

It’s on record that the Southeast Asian country supported South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle. That, laid the foundation of a good relationship between the two countries.

About two years ago, South Africa and Indonesia agreed to put in renewed efforts to increase bilateral trade and promote technical cooperation in both nations.

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