Indonesian Government Clarifies Report About Zuma’s Impeachment


Indonesian government has responded to the circulating reports claiming it questioned why President Zuma hasn’t been impeached as the president of South Africa.

The government of the Southeast Asian country disassociated itself from the reports stressing that the nation doesn’t meddle in the domestic affairs of other nations.

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As circulated, a delegation of Indonesian MPs reportedly asked SA Constitutional Review Committee if Zuma is unimpeachable.

In response, representatives of the Indonesian government in South Africa, told BuzzSouthAfrica that the news report didn’t reflect the position of the Indonesian MP and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

“During the discussion, one of the Indonesian MP enquired on the mechanism of impeachment by the South African Parliament.

“The question was merely an exercise of exchange of ideas in matters of constitutional law. (It) does not have any other connotation, and, did not refer to anyone in particular as was inaccurately depicted.

“Indonesia respects the sovereignty of any Nation and will never meddle in its domestic affairs,” stated the representatives of the Indonesian government.

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With the above, they acknowledge the relationship between both countries saying it can be traced back to the fight against apartheid.

John R. Purba from Indonesia’s consulate general in Cape Town, asserted that the good relationship was exemplified in Indonesia’s insistence to the inclusion of ANC representatives during the 1955 Asian-African Conference in Bandung. 

“The amicable relationship between our two countries was also well reflected in the much-publicized comradeship between our late leaders Former President Nelson Mandela and Former President Soeharto.

“To this end, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia is working hard to assure that the strategic partnership with the Republic of South Africa will bring to fullest of benefits (pleasant gains) for the good people of our two nations,” Purba  disclosed.