There Is No Age Limit For Miracles, A Baby At 70!


An Indian woman gave birth to her first child at the unbelievable age of 70 or more as she was not certain about her real age. Speaking yesterday, Daljinder Kaur said her life is now complete with her bundle of joy and that she does not think she is too old to become a first-time mother.

Following two years of successful IVF treatment at a fertility clinic in the northern state of Haryana, 70-year-old Kaur gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on April 19th.

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Kaur and her 79-year-old husband, Mohinder Singh Gilland almost lost hope of having a child of their own. Living in a country in which infertility is sometimes seen as a curse from God made things even worse for them as they faced constant ridicule for being childless after 46 years of marriage.

However, Kaur’s faith in God never wavered as she believed that He will take care of her in her time of need.

‘I have full faith in God. God is omnipotent and will take care of everything’

“God heard our prayers,” said the Indian woman who gave birth in her 70s. “My life feels complete now. I am looking after the baby all by myself, I feel so full of energy. My husband is also very caring and helps me as much as he can.

“When we saw the IVF advert we thought we should give it a try because I badly wanted to have a baby of my own.”

Her husband Mohinder, who owns a farm near Amritsar, shares her sentiments as well saying he was not worried about their age, believing that God would take care of their child whom they named Armaan.

“People say what will happen to the child once we die. But I have full faith in God. God is omnipotent and omnipresent, He will take care of everything.

The National Fertility and Test Tube centre said the baby was conceived with the help of the couple’s own egg and sperm and though it weighed just 2kg at birth, the baby is “healthy and hearty”.

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The man who runs the fertility clinic Anurag Bishnoi was at first doubting the possibility of the trial and going ahead with in vitro fertilisation. Test results proved him wrong as it was confirmed that Kaur would be able to carry the baby to term.

“I first tried to avoid the case because she looked very frail. Then we made her undergo all the tests and once the results were okay we went ahead,” he said. The Indian woman gave birth to her baby and mother and child are in good condition.

In 2008, another 72-year-old Indian woman gave birth to twins via IVF.