‘The Poor Must Survive’, DA Petitions Government To Increase Social Grants


South Africa’s official opposition party said they cannot allow the most vulnerable in South Africa to continue to suffer because of an “uncaring government.” As such, they today, launched a petition demanding the government increase social grants.

DA argued that the buying power of the most vulnerable is steadily diminishing, and called for above-inflation increases in social grants.

To the party, the increase the Finance minister announced earlier this year is negligible.

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It “is simply not enough for the poor who have to fight for survival amidst the worst recorded drought in over a century, increasing food prices, water shortages and job losses.

People are simply not able to make ends meet. Most of those reliant on these social grants, such as pensioners, are faced with ever-growing responsibilities such as looking after grandchildren and other dependents,” stated DA.

The opposition party further stated that they “cannot allow the most vulnerable in our society to continue to suffer as a result of an uncaring government that has failed to grow the economy, create jobs, and priorities the needs of the poor.

Instead of cutting wasteful and fruitless expenditure and ensuring that money is made available for those who need it the most, the ANC government has continued to splurge on their cronies.

And continue to take food out of the mouths of the poor, who are manipulated with promises of food come Election Campaigning.”

DA said they have been battling “selfish ANC” that rules as though black lives do not matter. ANC is “so enthralled in luxury” and “has cast little concern to the suffering of millions of poor people across the country,” DA asserted.

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The Party urged South Africans to sign the petition which will be handed over to the Department of Social Development. Hopefully, that will encourage the government to increase social grants.

Do you think the government ought to increase social grants? You’ll get the petition page here.