Guard Your Appetite: Cooked US Chicken Is Being Sold At Delicatessen


Guard your appetite, imported US chickens which raised worries regarding safety standards are being sold in such manner you wouldn’t identify them. The concerns are about the poor safety standards of the products. It’s believed that the chickens were leftovers that were defrosted and repackaged.

Sometimes In March, South Africans were warned that the “unhealthy chickens” are being sold to target poor South Africans.

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Yet again, the nation is being warned that the chickens are being sold at delicatessens across the country.

This is according to a statement released by Proudly South African which called on stockists of the imported US chickens to inform South Africans about the places the chickens are being sold.

“We have received information that a large portion of the American chicken is allegedly being sold in the delicatessen section of a well-known retailer.

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If this is true, it would mean the chicken does not carry a ‘label of origin’ and consumers are therefore not able to make informed choices,” Leslie Sedibe, CEO of Proudly South African stated.

He argued that it’s the buyers right to know about the products they’re buying as he called on all the stockist of the imported US chickens to publicly declare that they’re selling the product.

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With that, Sedibe reminded consumers that “by law, any item sold in South Africa must carry a label of origin stating on the packaging where the product comes from.

We think it would be very devious and deceptive if stockists are indeed using so-called ‘loopholes’ to hide the origin of the American chicken, such as selling it in cooked form in supermarket delis,” Sedibe added.