Leave Immigrants Alone, They’re Helping South Africa – Home Affairs


Contrary to the popular believe that the inflow of immigrants to South Africa has largely contributed to hardship in the country, the Home Affairs Department asserts that the ever-increasing inflow of immigrants into the country is beneficial.

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This is based on an SABC report where the spokesperson of the department, Maihlome Tshwete argued that there benefits to the huge number of foreigners settling in South Africa.

Tshwete said South Africa is committed to supporting free movement across the continent, and that it’s the responsibility of the Home Affairs Department to ensure that Mzansi attract the best from Africa as there are economic benefits attached to the immigrants trooping in.

“We get engineers, we get entrepreneurs that comes to our country and our country reaches economic development. Our country has since been at the fore front of the economic movement in the continent.

So its our responsibility to make sure that we attract the best of Africa to offer. And there are economic benefits and the best of Africa” to gain, he indicated.

This follows the recent Xenophobia tension in Gauteng where local residents in Katlehong engaged in violence and looting demanding an immediate removal of foreigners from the vicinity.

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Immigration is a popular theme for public discourse in South Africa. The EFF once demanded that the enforcement of immigration laws relating to Africans in the diaspora must be handled in a humane way.

Then, the fighters declared that it is ideal for the South African government and every other government in Africa to waive the VISA requirements for all Africans in the diaspora who want to come home.

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