Imbewu Teasers for September 2021: Here’s What Will Happen Next

With over a hundred years of growth, expansion, and content delivery, the South African entertainment industry has massively evolved to a point where it can comfortably cater to a very diverse demographic of demand for entertainment content. Imbewu: The Seed is one South African soap opera that has captured the interest of TV viewers and has garnered a huge viewership since it premiered in 2016. Here are Imbewu teasers for September 2021 for those viewers who can’t wait for the next episode.

An Overview Of What Went Down in August 2021 on Imbewu: The Seed

As the August installment of the show begins, we see Nkululeko complaining to Phunyuka that he was barred from paying his respects to Zethu and consequently demands that the baby Mempho be returned to him. Meanwhile, Nokuzola is afraid that the paternity of her child will be revealed, and she implores Nkululeko to hold her confidence. Moreover, MaZulu is left speechless when Menzi arranges a surprise wedding for them.

A near-death experience is the catalyst Thu Sheleni needs to change from his old ways as Macigwane warns Nkulukeko on the dangers of having secrets. The matriarch is insistent on getting Zakithi a man, a sexual spark ignites for a moment between Sebenzile and Phakade and Sebenzile is reprimanded by Duduzile for wasting her opportunity when she had it.

By the second week of August, we learn once more that love, secrets, and lies make for very bad bedfellows as they cannot exist in the same space. Zithuelele reaffirms this when she discovers that Nokuzola had rigged the Middle Eastern deal. Layers of secrets, lies, and deceit are gradually peeled away as Zithulele uncovers the truth about Nkululeko and Nokuzola’s sexual trysts. Zithulele begins to come apart as he deals with Nokuzola’s betrayal.

As the month’s installment comes to an end, things take a more complex turn when Sebenzile is told by kaMadonsela to desist from all forms of intimacy with Phakade. Buhle’s hangover is nothing compared to what’s in store for her as she awakes to see that her drunken attitude is trending across South Africa, and on the final episode fans of the show, as well as Nkululeko himself are shocked when Zithulele invites him to his wedding after claiming to have forgiven him. Does this ring true or does Zithulele have an ace up his sleeves? Stay tuned for juicy teasers from September’s installment.

What To Expect From Imbewu – Teasers for September 2021

Episode 883
Wednesday 1, September 2021

Boniswa is an early arrival to the wedding ceremony of her ex, however, the reason for her punctuality is to stop the groom from getting married to Nokuzola. While everyone awaits the ceremony, there will be blood on the dancefloor today.

Episode 884
Thursday 2, September 2021

The wedding is interrupted as Zenzele’s gunmen burst in and shots are fired. Nirupa did not survive the incident as there is a steady beep from his electronic vital sign monitor. Menzi vows to pay back those responsible.

Episode 885
Friday 3, September 2021

There is another death. One of the gunmen from Bhengu’s wedding is captured and detained but he is killed by a fellow inmate. KaMadonsela does not know how to handle her sangoma calling and is bothered about being accepted. She seeks advice from the powerful sangoma, Macingwane.

Episode 886
Monday 6, September 2021

Nirupa rises from the dead as she is surrounded by her family members, much to their delight. The ladies in the church will not submit to KaMadonsela because they see her as unqualified to lead them.

Episode 887
Tuesday 7, September 2021

Nirupa should not have recovered as they are still bent on spilling her blood and ending her life. Buhle is kidnapped as a second attempt is made to silence Nirupa forever. Did Mambani succeed?

Episode 888
Wednesday 8, September 2021

KaMadonsela is thrown out of the house by Phakade after he has canal knowlege of her sister, Sebenzile. Buhle is very excited to meet Zenzele, her first love. Is that what the kidnapping was about?

Episode 889
Thursday 9, September 2021

Zenzele has got Buhle exactly where he wants her after she is all love-struck with her abductor after they spend the night together. Nirupa spills the tea about the Maphumulos, something she has carried for a while.

Episode 890
Friday 10, September 2021

Menzi learns that Maphumulo’s son is alive and in town. He puts the pieces together and understands why Nirupa might still be in danger. Will he do something to protect her?

Episode 891
Monday 13, September 2021

Lulu has an interview with Shongololo Oil and she tells Gogo Mtshali about it. In a bid to make sure she gives a good account of herself, Lulu arrives a day earlier for the interview which results in an argument between Zakithi and Nokuzola.

Episode 892
Tuesday 14, September 2021

Buhle’s test results reveal an unpleasant outcome. How will her family react? It’s a positive drugs test and she must be checked into a rehab home. Buhle would have none of that as she elopes with Zenzele who seems to have everything working according to his plans.

Episode 893
Wednesday 15, September 2021

The hunter becomes the hunted as Menzi goes after Mambani who is trying to kill him. Following her disappearance, a heartbroken maZulu tries to find Buhle. Meanwhile, Shria Rampersad learns that Buhle did not just disappear but ran off with Zenzele which makes her think the Bhengus are now in bed with the Maphumulos.

Episode 894
Thursday 16, September 2021

Menzi has Mambani now and wouldn’t let him go until he gets the answers he wants. It turns out that Lulu is transgender. How was it possible that nobody noticed it?

Episode 895
Friday 17, September 2021

It’s a real battle for the heart of Phakade between two sisters – Sebenzile and kaMadonsela as the former asks Phakade to throw kaMadonsela out of the house. Love is in the air as Landile tells Lulu he wants to take her home to meet his parents.

Episode 896
Monday 20, September 2021

There’s a literal explosion at the house of the Rampersads as Mira unwittingly opens a parcel bomb. Menzi again is attacked by another Zenzele hitman, Musa.

Episode 897

Tuesday 21, September 2021

Buhle is still on the run with her lover, Zenzele. They change location as the Bhengus has somehow got wind of their previous location. Landile learns that the love of his life is transgender as she finally opens up to him. Is there still a marriage to look forward to?

Episode 898
Wednesday 22, September 2021

Phakade’s ongoing family battles are about to be exposed in the church which makes him ask kaMadonsela to hold off on her sangoma training. Love quickly turns to hate as the realization that he was about to marry a transgender person is a lot for Landile to handle. He beats up Lulu, with the help of two others, and leaves her for dead with no one to help.

Episode 899
Thursday 23, September 2021

Buhle finally gets back to her senses and reality sets in when she eavesdrops on Zenzele’s phone conversation where he talks about his plan to eliminate her family. Has she gone too far to go back?

Episode 900
Friday 24, September 2021

The ugly experience with Landile causes Lulu to have occasional but painful flashbacks. Time runs out for Phakade as he is asked to withdraw from his position as church leader as a consequence of his inability to maintain peace at the home front.

Episode 901
Monday 27, September 2021

Who can stop what the ancestors have ordained? KaMadonsela’s refusal to take on her sangoma calling takes another turn as she is embarrassed in a church conference.

Episode 902
Tuesday 28, September 2021

A confused Buhle is in between decisions. Who would she be loyal to? Her love or her family? She chooses the latter and devices a means to go back home.

Episode 903
Wednesday 29, September 2021

Lulu’s story is all over social media and her boss, Zithulele, is disturbed about the impact it will have on their business at Shongololo Oils. Guess who is called in to testify in Phakade’s case – Khanyo Bhengu.

Episode 904
Thursday 30, September 2021

There’s another gun battle as Zenzele and his gunman, Musa, open fire at the Maluju benefit. There is definitely going to be a pool of blood here.

A Brief Background Tour Of Popular South African Drama Series Imbewu: The Seed

The popular South African soap opera which translates as ‘Seed’ in Zulu forming the basis for the English phrase which the drama series is otherwise known by (The Seed), is a televised drama series. It is originally an production with Leleti Khumalo and Singh Anant and was created by Ndlovu Duma. The South African drama series is also co-produced alongside Grapevine Productions, which is a joint venture production between Videovision Entertainment, Word of Mouth productions, as well as Luyks Productions.

The series was originally released on the 16th of April 2016 and has since gone on to release 4 seasons and a total of 802 episodes as of the 11th of May, 2021. The show originally premiered on on the 16th of April 2016. The TV show is aired every weekday – Monday through to Friday – by 9:30 pm on the network.

Imbewu: The Seed – The Plot

The drama series Imbewu features the central character Bhengu Zimele, a highly respected businessman with a host of companies to his name, who lives with his wife, Mazulu in the city of Durban, South Africa. Bhengu has four children by his wife – Zithuele, Zakhiti, Buhle, and Nganono. With Bhengu’s brother, Phakade living on his farm with his three children, as well as his wife Ka Madonsela, all seems to be well with the household as Phakade who is also a pastor, is nothing if not upright, or ‘seemingly’ upright. However, the real glue that keeps the Bhengu family in a state of balance is the matriarch of the family, MaNdlovu, who has made it her personal responsibility to protect the family from all enemies within and without.

As a result of a heinous act that was done in secret, a terrible atrocity now lurks in the shadows, threatening to rear its ugly head and potentially unravel the Bhengu family once and for all. Lies, atrocities, and secrets haunt the Bhengu family, as Ngcolosi shockingly discovers that all of his children were fathered by Phakade, his brother. In the sequence of events after this discovery, Ngcolosi and his wife make efforts to sort out their issues, Phakade and his wife, KaMadonsela, on the other hand, begin to come to terms with their past actions and how it has shaped their present and possibly their future.

The Bhengu seeds are in the fight for their lives. They struggle to establish an identity and to solidify their place in a family riddled with tension, rife with spite, green with envy, and murderous with greed as struggles over legacy and inheritance begin to reveal the true nature of their characters, especially as the long-lost son of Ngcolosi surfaces. Can the Bhengu family rise above the lies and secrets that divide them or will the sins of the fathers rip the family apart once and for all?

Meet The Cast Members Of Imbewu: The Seed

Imbewu: The Seed is replete with a star-studded cast. With A-listers such as Leleti Khumalo, Thembi Mtshali-Jones, Khuzwayo Nokubonga, and Griffiths Raphael, and a host of other highly rated South African movie stars, it is little wonder why the show has racked up the number of awards and nominations it has in so short a time. While some other cast members have left the set at one point or the other, some others have remained to form the base nucleus of veterans who have carried the show this far.

The oldest cast member on the Imbewu set is Thembi Mtshali Jones who acts as MaNdlovu Bhengu. The veteran actress was born on the 7th of November 1949 which makes her 74 years old. The youngest cast members on the set are Nqobile Ndlovu (Khanyo Bengu) and Mishka Gouden (Mira Rampersad). They were born on 11 January 1994 and 13 March 1994 respectively.

Prominent Members of the Imbewu: The Seed Cast:

  • Leleti Khumalo – Played the role of Nokubonga Zulu “Mazulu” Bhengu
  • Thembi Mtshali-Jones – Played the role of Ntombi Ndlovu “Mandlovu” Bhengu
  • Tony Kgoroge – Played the role of Zimele “Ngcolosi” Bhengu
  • Rafael Griffiths – Played the role of Zithulele Bhengu
  • Brenda Mhlongo – Played the role of Priscilla “KaMandosela” Madonsela Bhengu
  • Nqobile Ndlovu – Played the role of Nokukhanya “Khanyo” Bhengu
  • Mishka Gouden – Played the role of Mira Rampersad
  • Xolani Mfeka – Played the role of Nganono
  • Muzi Mthabela – Played the role of Menzi Vilakazi
  • Kajal Maharaj – Played the role of Shria Rampersad
  • Jailoshini Naidoo – Played the role of Nirupam Rampersad
  • Sandile Dlamini – Played the role of Phakade “Shongololo” Bhengu
  • Nokwanda Khuzwayo – Played the role of Ntombifuthi “Futhi” Bhengu
  • Vuyokazi Tshona – Played the role of Buhle Bhengu
  • Nokubonga Khuzwayo – Played the role of Zakhithi Bhengu
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