‘I’m Not ANCWL’s Enemy, I feel Sorry For Them’ – Madonsela


Following the indication of strong disapproval Public Protector Thuli Madonsela got from ANC’s Women’s League (ANCWL) in the statement the ANC branch released today, the Public Protector said she is not ANCWL’s enemy and that she feels sorry for them because they are being used. She stressed that Maladministration is the enemy.

The ANC Women’s League in their statement, demanded for a more objective and less populist Public Protector Advocate asserting that they are critical of Madonsela.

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“We were critical of the public protector in the person of Thuli Madonsela. But we respect the office. We demand a more objective and less populist person who will campaign against government and its people but defend principles of the structures,” they stated.

Responding, Madonsela told News24 that she is not ANCWL’s enemy but feels sorry for the league.

“I really just think they are being misled. I think a lot of them are being used as proxies and I really feel sorry for them…I am not their enemy, maladministration is their enemy.”

She further admonished that “women shouldn’t just be fighting for gender equality. They should be fighting for making sure that the state of South Africa is advancing everyone, because when the state fails, it’s women who pick up the burden.”

Also, ANCWL stated that “a report called the “The CIEX report’ commissioned by the apartheid government which implicates ABSA (Bankorp) in apartheid corruption worth more than 3 billion still remains a mystery.”

According to ANCWL, “our honorable Public Protector, Advocate. Thuli Mandonsela proclaimed to investigate the report in 2011, but to this day apartheid crimes remain unpunished and ABSA Bank continues to operate with no penalties attached.”

Commenting on the Bankorp issue, Madonsela explained that: “it is alleged that the government of the Republic of South Africa mishandled the opportunity to claim back the money that was paid to Bankorp during apartheid. It is a very complex investigation,” she added.

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