Makhura On Illegal Land Invasions: Stop Pointing Accusing Fingers


Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba has been cautioned by Gauteng Premier David Makhura on Friday to stop blaming the African National Congress (ANC) for illegal land invasions.

According to Makhura, the law must not be broken no matter who’s involved. Thus, in a discussion on what the Gauteng government was doing about land invasions, he said;

“I really don’t give a damn which party is involved. The issue is people are breaking the law. We shouldn’t allow even politicking to allow the breakdown of the law,” he told reporters.

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Makhura slammed Mashaba for saying the land invasions started because he was elected to office. Last week, reports emerged that Mashaba blamed the ruling party for illegal land invasions. According to Mashaba, the party was trying to destabilise coalition between the Democratic Alliance and opposition parties in Johannesburg.

However, Makhura suggested that the mayor should put his house in order instead of apportioning blames.

“Whoever thinks that land invasion has started because they are mayors, I can only forgive them because they were not here before,” Makhura said.

“Having a press conference to blame another party will not help you. What will help you is to ensure you put measures in place to prevent land invasions.”

Makhura accused the mayor of allowing the fear of being removed as a mayor get to him. Furthermore, he commended the efforts of Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga in fighting invasions. Apparently, Msimanga sought his help in dealing with the issue. Thus, Makhura sent his head of service delivery; Eric Xayiya to advise him.

Illegal land Invasions Hotspots

Areas like Tshepisong; Lenasia South; Orange Farm and Marlboro have kept the Police busy in the fight against illegal land invasion. Meanwhile, things got a little out of hand in Orange Farm which resulted in clashes between law enforcement and residents.