Ignore ANC’s Problems And Vote For The Party – Blade


South Africa’s Minister for Higher Education and Training, Dr. Bonginkosi Emmanuel Blade Nzimande said members of Young Communist League (YCL) must ignore ANC’s problems and vote for the ruling party in the forth coming elections.

Addressing YCL who gathered at the Johannesburg City Hall for their youth month manifesto launch on Sunday, the SA Communist Party (SACP) general secretary remarked that not voting for the ANC wouldn’t solve the country’s problems.

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He tasked the League to storm out and show their support for the ANC in the elections, and counseled them to dedicate more energy in ensuring ANC triumphs in areas like Johannesburg and Tshwane.

“When you have problems at home you don’t bring your enemy into it. Let’s go and vote for the ANC overwhelmingly,” he charged.

He urged the YCL structures to pay less attention to ANC’s problems but solidify their relationships with the ruling party and help champion such change that will move the nation forward.

“It’s not enough to just go and cast a vote and sit down. Let’s build strong structures,” he begged.

According to him, the reason behind the lack of service delivery in some areas of the country is due to the internal matters those responsible at branch levels are giving priority.

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Nzimande said there are forces trying to capture the country through the ANC and that the forces are attempting to destroy the relationship between SACP and ANC to achieve their aim.

“There are forces from outside this country, possibly working with forces inside this country, who have no interest in seeing a successful and revolutionary alliance,” he asserted.

He refereed to the Student protests as an example and added that “students should not be demanding free education from the state. They should be demanding it from the capitalist classes,” he stated.

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With that, Blade declared that “the ANC is not a vehicle for self-enrichment, it is a people’s movement…If we fail to defeat the influence of money you have no future,” he stressed.

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