ANC Humbled! IFP Leading President Jacob Zuma’s home


Previously, there were reports that the ruling party ANC is leading in President Jacob Zuma’s home.

Emerging reports however, insinuates the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) will take the Nkandla Municipality.

As learnt, the election results from Mr President’s home region changed in favor of the IFP as the counting continues.

This morning, IFP trumped the ANC gathering 56.15 percent of the votes. ANC nonetheless, is chasing after the opposition party with 41.74 percent votes.

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ANC’s Initial Lead In Nkandla Municipality

Before then, the ruling party was leading with 51.46 percent.

Then, ANC’s deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte celebrated that the ANC has “taken Nkandla”.

She reportedly said: “I’m very pleased that the president has won his ward not for him but that Nkandla is back in the hands of the ANC. I think the media made a great deal about that. I suspect some people were hoping that Nkandla would go to the DA.”

Her statement according to analyst, indicates that the ANC misjudged and underrated the capabilities of the IFP.

President Zuma voted at the Ntolwane Primary School in the Municipality. The jubilant atmosphere he stirred when he showed up to cast his vote may be an explanation to the massive support the ANC initially earned in the Municipality.

A happy Zuma had joked that his vote is magical. “My vote is magical, it will increase all of these votes inside,” he said.

Many believed the IFP wont’t fair well after the NFP announced to its supporters on Tuesday that they should vote for the ANC to punish the IFP.

According to NFP, IFP manipulated their disqualification from participating in the local government elections.

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NFP’s endorsement of the ANC however, didn’t dis-encourage IFP supporters. They gathered early outside the Buthelezi Traditional Court voting station, singing and waiting for their leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi to vote.

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