If The ANC Falls, What Will Rise In Its Place?


The damning crisis befalling the ruling African National congress has raised concerns over what the fate of the country would be if the ANC falls and finally disappears from the country’s political system.

The present political upheaval in the country brings to bare, uncertainties that the ruling African national Congress under the leadership of President Jacob Zuma, would survive the next elections which would be more crucial than the previous one which saw the party losing some of its strongest metros to its opposition, the DA.

Justice Malala, a political analyst in Johannesburg, pointed out some of the striving issues in the country  –  including the ongoing #feesmustfall protest which has taken the SA government a longer time to resolve – which according to him, are among the strongholds meant to pull down the SA society and dismantle the 1994 project.

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He, therefore, called for the need for South Africans to talk about the future of the country, saying it is clear that the “ANC is not just fraying at the edges. It is dying.

“What replaces an organisation that has been at the heart and centre of our lives for 104 years? If the ANC falls, what must — what will — rise in its place? “he asked.

According to the political analyst, the ANC, which has held democratic powers for 22 years is now wracked by deep internal battles and has no way of responding to the Falling challenge intellectually.

He went further to describe the party as one whose intellectuals have no time to analyse and lead the battle of ideas, particularly at these challenging times in our evolution as a society.

“President Jacob Zuma — a homophobic, chauvinistic, kleptocratic and extremely dangerous spymaster — now leads the party of Albert Luthuli and Pixley kaIsaka Seme. He is not a man of ideas. He has none to offer. He has never had any to offer.” Malala said, adding that the ANC is eating itself up at such a fast rate that it may stutter, stall and implode within a few years.

The analyst made mention of the parliament chief whip, Jackson Mthembu who exposed the fragile state of the party in his comments with news media.

Jackson Mthembu joined other members who are concerned about the future of the party, to call for the immediate resignation of both President Jacob Zuma and the entire NEC.

To this, Justice Malala said if Mthembu, is to be believed, the ANC will not win the 2019 national elections if it continues on its current path.  What then would SA look up to if the ANC Falls, he asked

He, however, noted that the chances of the ruling party righting its wrongs are slim. The signs are all around that it has no ability, plan or will— except for a few of its veteran leaders — to fix itself, he said.

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Now, to answer the question on what party will be strong enough to stand in for SA if the ANC falls, Malal said  the DA, though in a loose coalition with the EFF could rise up and take the mantle from the ANC, just as it did in  Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay.

Nevertheless, the analyst said a faction of the Zuma-controlled ANC will still strive to raise its head.

“Is South Africa ready to nip such a development in the bud? Will civil society be strong enough to stop Zuma in his tracks if he continues to try and undermine the constitution,” he asked as he reiterates that ANC is on its way out. It is losing the battle to transform from a liberation movement to a vibrant party within a democracy.