If One Of These Does Not Describe Your Neighbor, You Are Not Living In SA


It’s been said a good neighbor is a blessing, and a bad one, a huge misfortune. We are all surrounded by neighbors and some times, it’s indeed very much easier to love humanity as a whole than to love one’s neighbor. Some neighbors are specialist in hunting troubles and are skilled in lending out the troubles, getting you involved in such ways that will assure you’re more stressed especially when you really need to cool off. Others are cool, just as some strictly set themselves aside.

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In all, where you’re living offers you the platform to meet different kind of people  with diverse characters, and as well learn how to cope with them. You will definitely find your neighbor among the list below.

1. The Always-Borrowing Neighbor

Sugar is on your grocery-list despite doubling the quantity of sugar you bought last time, are you surprised? Be calm, you’re not consuming too much sugar. Your neighbor who keeps asking for this or that now completely depends on you for sugar supply. Speak of the devil! she’s here again with her cup for little sugar right?

This guys will ruin your reputation as a cheerful giver. As your neighbors, it’s either you expand your expense list to accommodate them or stop giving.

2. Boozer Neighbor

You just traced the bad smell invading your apartment to the backyard window and there’s a poo out there, someone puked on your doorstep yesterday, a staggering stranger is always out there at nights, and he even picked at your lock most nights. Don’t bother the cops about that. You’re apparently new in this neighborhood. With time you’ll learn about the alcoholic guy next door.

3. “We-Must-Be-Pals” Neighbor

He noticed you woke late today, yesterday he asked why you didn’t go to work with you car, and a day before that he wanted to know if you’re well paid. You told him its non of business knowing, and he later came around to ask if he offended you. This kind of neighbors literally want to get glued to you. They don’t know how to mind their business and where they’re not-welcomed. They are annoyingly too friendly, ever ready to defend your case, and acts as though the essence of their being is to befriend you.

4. The “Cool” Neighbor

This is the ideal neighbor to have if you’re always engaged and only return to your apartment to cool off. He wouldn’t bother you in any way. He’s just there, quite doing his thing. He doesn’t get into trouble, the cops wouldn’t knock at your door to question you about him, he’s just a jolly good fellow who is always willing to lend a hand or help in times of need,this is the ideal neighbor.

5. Mysterious Neighbor

It’s simply impossible to tell when such neighbors are in or out. You can’t tell where they go or what they do. But then, you know they do return late past mid night or near day-break. No noise will ever come from their apartments, so that you begin to wonder if they’re criminals who will creep up on you or probably just old daylight hating vampires. This brood generally responds to your greetings with a “hi”. Other neighbors are equally worried about the “mysterious neighbor” for you all think he’s creepy.

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6. The Copy Cat

This one believes h/she can do anything you can do better than you, and it’s as though you’re kind of in a competition with them even though you may not realize it at first. They try to own an improved version of almost everything you have and they take pleasure in showing it off at the most annoying moments. Host them in your apartment, and when they reciprocate, you’ll find yourself in an “updated” version of your apartment. At first you’ll think its just by chance, but it wont be long before you realize that chance has very little to do with the ever increasing coincidence.

7. The Unhappy One

This guys dislike everything you do. Your music is too loud for them, your little gathering is making the neighborhood unsafe, and all you do seemingly disturbs them. They clearly want you to live by their terms and are generally unhappy about everything, but don’t worry, you are not the problem, they are. Their lives are messed up and they are only looking for a quick and effective way to drag you into their world of unhappiness.

8. The “Lets-Party” Neighbor

This guys/ladies are party freaks and are most likely young people. You might as well stay back at work. They were away last night and today is their turn. Their friends, some of who are more noisy are coming over to their apartment tonight and its going to be hell for you and any other person whose doors and walls are not sound proof. The loud music and voices will  thrive until it drives you nuts.

9. Home Alone Kid

It’s all about kids yelling, shouting, and screaming because there is no adult to check them. Their parents are never at home and its a total waste of time to go over and take care of the noise. Just ignore them, they’ll soon wear themselves out with the noise.

10. Fighting-Couple Neighbors

It’s really annoying huh? To fight with a spouse and disturb the neighborhood with private matters. That’s their voices rising in their apartment, soon they’ll take their fight public and describe each other with offensive words and you are forced to listen.