Idols SA’s Noma Khumalo Learns Twitter Hate The Hard Way


It’s quite easy to imagine living a life of fame, but when you find yourself under the spotlight, you might learn your lesson the hard way. Idols SA’s Noma Khumalo can attest to that.

The singing sensation had a rude awakening on social media following her great performances on the show. These days, she prefers to stay away from social media to avoid getting hurt.

Though she got some love from a lot of fans, Khumalo also had to entertain a few hateful comments about what she wears and the way she looks.

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“It’s some things you can’t really change and some people will attack you for that. With my personality, negativity is something I’m not used to. I was never open to it. But I know that there are people who would like you and those who don’t.”

At least she understands that. Besides, she’s not letting the very few haters deter her from achieving her dreams.

“But I’m not allowing social media to get in the way of my dream. Unathi (Msengana) could see right through me when I performed on stage and advised me to stay away from social media. I’m getting a lot of love from the country, it’s just that one percent.”

Meanwhile, one lesson Idols SA’s Noma Khumalo has learnt in the midst of it all is that Twitter has no friend. Facebook and Instagram have been good to her though.

“I do like to interact with people on my Facebook fan page and Instagram, but Twitter is nobody’s friend. You receive the millions of good comments and all it takes is one person saying one horrible thing and hurt you. But now I’ve crossed that bridge I will not let it get to me.”

Khumalo recounts the journey so far, cherishing every moment of the reality show that keeps Mzansi asking for more.

“It’s just been such a journey. It’s not long ago that we were standing in a queue, did theatre week and made it to top 10 and now we’re here. It feels like a dream. I’m honoured to even be considered.”

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The singer is also looking forward to being a part of the four contestants who will go to New York to be tutored by an industry heavyweight. This will prepare them for the semifinal round of Idols.