Fresh Trouble For Gareth Cliff On Idols SA Season 12


The Idols SA season 12 kicked off last night in Durban with contestants showing off their talents while the judges decided their fate.

However, things took a different turn when a particularly disappointed Idols SA contestant fainted on stage after the judges told her that her performance at the audition was not good enough to get a golden ticket.

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Formerly axed Idols SA judge Gareth Cliff joined fellow judges after South Gauteng High Court ordered M-Net to reinstate him.

The audience and judges were shocked when the Idols SA contestant crumbled into a heap on stage when she realized she didn’t get a golden ticket.

18-year-old Nqobile Gumede from KwaMashu was very enthusiastic about becoming the next SA Idol as she told the judges that she put her studies at the Wits Medical School on hold for the show.

“I am prepared to put my studies on hold this year if I get a ticket today to continue my journey.”

Sadly, Gumede failed to impress the judges at the end of her performance.

Mhlongo said to her: “there was something there. You’re not ready my girl. My advice is, go to medical school and concentrate on that for now. I think you’re a clever girl and that is why you got accepted at medical school.

My advice is, go study and after seven years, you will be 25 and still ready to enter Idols,” said Mhlongo.

For a moment, Gumede seemed lost as she stared at the judges and then collapsed on the floor motionless.

There was a moment of silence as everyone froze before judges rushed to the rescue. Paramedics were later called in to assist with first aid treatment before she was taken to the hospital.

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Mzansi Magic spokeswoman for local talent Nondumiso Mbece had this to say about the incident:

“The fact that she was hungry, and because she was extremely nervous during the audition, might have caused her to faint.

“She is fine, but she was taken to hospital for further check-up, just to make sure,” said Mbece.

We can only wish her well in future endeavors.