‘I Looked And Saw Her Flying’ – Mother Narrates How Child Fell Off A Train


A two-year-old girl  was reported to have fallen out of a moving train but was miraculously found alive. The little girl boarded the 6.36am Metrorail train from Retreat to Cape Town on Monday morning with her mother and fell onto the railway tracks after one of the doors unexpectedly opened.

Narrating what happened, Sakiena Hassan said she was traveling with her boyfriend Rudigar Williams, 30 alongside her three children from a Retreat to Salt River when suddenly one of the trains’s doors open and her toddler fell out.

“All I can picture is her falling, that’s all,” the mother sobbed.

“We were standing next to each other, I kept (Shariefa’s) hand with my back towards the door and she faced the door,” she said.

“Then I felt wind, when I turned around I noticed the door was open.

“I looked for Shariefa and when I turned I saw her flying out.

train accident

On sighting this, she held on to her other two children, including her daughter with Down’s Syndrome, with the help of other shocked passengers. When she was about to jump down to go in search for her daughter, Shekina said someone from behind her caught her and choked her until she passed out.

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However, Williams who jumped out of the train to search for little Shariefa said he was covered with fear of what to expect as he saw her “lying between the railway tracks.”Luckily enough some men who were able to reach to her on time picked her up as she was crying.

“When I woke up all I thought was ‘Allah, don’t take her’,” Shekiena said.

Shariefa was taken to a Red Cross Children’s Hospital and was said to have gotten two broken bones in her skull, one of them is close to her brain.

Reporting her daughter’s current health status, Shekiena said she is relieved her daughter was doing well.

“She is fine and much better, she’s playing,” Sakiena told the Daily Voice on Tuesday.

“She doesn’t need an operation – only observation.

“She’s out of danger now, thank God,” she added.

Shekiena however blames the Metrorail for being careless on the safety of its passengers. “They don’t mind publishing their price increases, but why can’t they ensure people’s safety? I blame them 1 000 percent,” she said as she awaits answers from the metrorail who are currently investigating the incident.

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