‘I Have Not Been Quiet About Gordhan Versus Moyane War’ – Zuma


Everyone really wants President Zuma to help address the Gordhan versus Moyane war, at least for the sake of the our dwindling economy.

No doubt, the Zuma led-administration has donned the cloak of ‘insecurity’ following the recent pyramid of stunning revelations and controversial issues lurking around its corridor.

More so, insinuating that SA’s number one citizen appears to have hopped from a hot frying pan into the fire may not be far from the truth.

While, South Africans waited patiently to have smiles once again on their faces, following the re-appointment of Pravin Gordhan as finance minister, rude-awakening of confessions from top ANC members about the Guptas launched another serious worry about the resuscitation of the Rand.

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Surprisingly, our bossy president has cleared the air, insisting that he has fixed everything.

News 24 reports that President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday, that he has not been quiet about the power tussle between SARS commissioner Tom Moyane and finance minister Pravin Gordhan.

The president stated this in the National Assembly when he was answering Freedom Front Plus MP Pieter Groenewald question on why he [Zuma] has not reconciled the spat between the two public officers.

The president further spanked the FF PLus member a little by telling him that he was clearly asking the wrong question by demanding to know why he [Zuma] has remained neutral in the spat.

He replied further “Does he know that? He doesn’t,” said Zuma. “I am intervening on that question. I am dealing with it on a presidential level.”

“I have met the minister and the commissioner and I am addressing the issue, so it is being attended to by the president and the necessary structures.”

Meanwhile, economic experts have opined that the scuffle between Gordhan versus Moyane heralds further crashing of the state economy.

On several occasions, Gordhan had refused to be drawn into speaking elaborately about the matter. He has always maintained that President Zuma assured him that he would address the problem in his own way.

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The break-up in relationship between the two made significant headlines after Gordhan was re-appointed by President Zuma, following the axing of an ANC backbencher Des Van Rooyen.

It is paramount to note that Gordhan is not fighting the cold war with Moyane alone, he is also currently in bar with the elite investigation unit, commonly known as The Hawks.

The Hawks had written to him, demanding answers to a list of 27 questions, which the investigation unit claimed would help foster a smooth probe into the establishment of a so-called ‘Rogue Unit’ in SA service Revenue ministry.

According to the Hawks, Gordhan was the only one qualified to answer the questions because he was the head of the ministry when the unit was established.

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