‘I Cannot Be Pushed Around By ANC Youth League Leaders’ – Mpumalanga Premier


African National Congress (ANC) Premier in Mpumalanga said he will not in any way adhere to ANC Youth League Leaders’ call to relieve seven Members of the Executive Council of their jobs.

The Premier David Mabuza asserted that it is not right for the youth leaders to dictate which MEC is useless or not. The courageous premier said although he is not ignorant of his cabinet members’ flaws and weak points, he is also glad that he knows their strengths.

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“I know their capabilities and their short comings. We fight in this boardroom and so I am not going to listen to outside people about cabinet reshuffle,” Mabuza said.

Mabuza has just resumed office after he took ill in August last year. Reports say that the premier said that he was poisoned after he “let his guard down” and accepted food during his birthday celebrations in Bushbuckridge. He said after eating, his energy levels dropped and the sickness began.

Following his absence, so many issues came up. One of them being ANC youth leaders demanding for the removal of many MECs, who they considered to be useless in the council. ANCYL Deputy President Desmond Moela had told the media that most MECs in Mpumalanga were “useless looters” and hoped that “Our honourable premier [Mabuza] must do reshuffling.”

Moela further alleged that “Out of the nine MECs, about seven of them must fall because they are useless. Actually, they are excited about blue lights and so on, so we can’t accept that.”

“We are going to make sure that if they do not fall… we are going to say ‘Premier, take this one to that department, because this one has looted more in this department, he has taken everything, now take this one to that department’ and so on,” Moela said.

However, Moela and his likes were taken by surprise when Mabuza said a in post State of the Province Address press briefing in Mbombela – “They [ANC leaders] are not talking to me, but they are talking to themselves… I do not know who those MECs are. They have not even taken me into their confidence about those MECs and in their way, they want me to reshuffle cabinet. I heard that message, but I am not entertaining them… It is my prerogative but I am not going to listen to everyone telling me what to do.”

The premier further made it clear that though he is being pressurized by external forces but that he won’t give in to side talks and hearsay. “I know that you are gossiping outside. I know that you have private conversations in the street corners and I am being pressurized to do certain things that are not really necessary. I am not going to do anything that is not necessary,” Mabuza added.

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