I Bet You Didn’t Know These International Superstars Are Zimbabweans


Zimbabweans are not typically enthusiastic about being citizens of the Zimbabwe country. For one thing, the nation is a ready example for whoever that wants to refer to a failed State. And to be precise, one of the greatest fear of South Africa, a neighbor nation, is to turn out a nation like Zimbabwe. A general popular understanding of the country which is rather a vague and imperfect conception, is that anything good and desirous cannot be attributed to the nation.

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All those negative convictions are baseless. True, the “Mugabe Factor” has lingered on, but there’s more to Zimbabwe. More like the many talented international superstars from Zimbabwe who starred in many celebrated,famous and award-winning movies like “Game of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead”, “Supernatural” and lots more. Check the list out and feel free to share with your friends.

1. Chipo Chung

Chipo ChungChipo is prominent in the global film industry. She’s a Tanzanian born actress, living in London but is of half Zimbabwean and half Chinese descent. Chipo was raised in Harare where she developed her acting with the “Over the Edge” theatre company. She then later got herself a double major in Theatre Studies and Fine Art from Yale University. Yes, you saw her in the popular science fiction – “Doctor Who”.

2. Benu Mabhena

Benu Mabhena2Did you know the phenomenal Jassie, Hounsou’s wife from the “Blood Diamond” movie that garnered Box Office success and International acclaim is Zimbabwean? Yes she is! Although she was born in the UK and lived in South Africa for several years before moving with her family to California, her parents and five brothers were born in Zimbabwe, and Benu’s family roots are with the Ndebele Tribe.

3. Adam Croasdell

Adam CroasdellYes, he’s the “Supernatural” guy, and he’s a Zimbabwean-born, British actor. He got his first professional acting job at the National Theatre in London in a play called “Anthony and Cleopatra”, and some of the other prominent shows he featured in include; The Chase, Holby City, Peak Practice, London’s Burning, Agatha Christie’s Cat Among the Pigeons, Ultimate Force EastEnders, Agatha Christie, and Nikita.

4. Jane Benney

Jane BenneyBenney was born on the 4th day of April, 1980 in Bulawayo, the second-largest city in Zimbabwe. You surely noticed her when she starred as “Laleti” in the South African comedy movie “Mr. Bones”.

5. Tongayi Arnold Chirisa

Tongayi Arnold Chirisa

He’s probably your favorite character of the Leon Schuster’s comedy “Mr Bones 2: Back from the Past”. Well, the superstar is a is a Hollywood based Zimbabwean actor known for his experience in the movie industry. Since he left South Africa for Hollywood in 2009, he has been featured in many successful television series and films. Just google the name if you want to know more about him, we just want to let you know he’s a Zimbabwean.

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6. Leroy Gopal

Leroy Gopal

As an actor, a television personality and voice artist, many will believed Gopal is from South Africa because of the role he played as Thabang Ngema on the SABC3 drama series “One Way”. The truth however is that Gopal is a Zimbabwean actor who came to limelight after he featured in a local movie titled “Yellow Card”.

7. Danai Jekesai Gurira

Danai Jekesai GuriraYes, she’s the Michonne of “The Walking Dead” horror drama series. But the emphasis here is that she’s a Zimbabwean actress and playwright. However, don’t argue with anyone that regards her as a Zimbabwean American actress. Birthed on February 14, 1978, her parent moved from Zimbabwe which was then, Rhodesia to the United States in 1964. She moved back with her family to Zimbabwe at the age of five, returned to United States after her high school, and the rest is history.

8. Lucian Wiina Msamati

Lucian Wiina Msamati

Okay, he’s for real, a British-Tanzanian film, television and theatre actor. But he was brought up in Zimbabwe by his parents. If he relocated to UK in 2003 and is considered a Brit, there’s no reason to deny him being a citizen of Zimbabwe. Msamati made history earlier this year as the first black actor ever to play Iago in a Royal Shakespeare Company production of Othello. You equally saw him in “Game of Thrones” didn’t you? Sure, you did.

9. Alois Moyo

Alois Moyo2Moyo is a Zimbabwean born actor who has featured in several movies. He’s known for his role in “The Power of One” Where he starred alongside Morgan Freeman. Moyo moved to Germany in 2005, and has starred in some prominent German films, but Zimbabwe will always be his country.

10. Prudence Mabhena

Prudence MabhenaPrudence is so not ordinary. A short documentary film was made to tell the inspiring story of how the Zimbabwean singer and songwriter triumphed and moved from the superstitious hateful world to that of music, love and possibilities.

11. Kevin Mambo

Kevin Mambo

Kevin Mambo was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and raised in Canada, so he’s often regarded as a Zimbabwean–Canadian actor and musician. He’s best know for his role on “Guiding Light” series where he won two Daytime Emmys as Marcus Williams, and for the role he played as Fela Anikulapo-Kuti in the Broadway production of the musical “Fela”. The international superstar aside those has many other performances he’s linked to.

12. Paul Berenger

Paul Berenger2

Stories about Paul narrates that he got a taste for acting in Zimbabwe at the age of 11 after seeing his older brother on stage in a primary school play, but it was until he relocated to Australia that he got involved with actual acting, and has been acting ever since. He’s known as an actor, model, television personality and theatre productions professional who born on March 26 1991 in  Harare, Zimbabwe.

13. Michael Chinyamurind

Michael Chinyamurind

Chinyamurindi is one of the best actors from Zimbabwe who has undoubtedly, made a mark on the international stage. Among his numerous works, he’s known for his 1995 “Congo”, 1997 “George of the Jungle” and Curious George 2006.

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