I am Tired Of The Ruling Party, I Will Try Another Party – Welkom Resident


There are no doubts numerous other people who like this Welkom resident, are weary of their political parties and would want to have a changeover.

The local government election is just three weeks away and citizens especially the Welkom residents seem to be tired of how parties have failed to fulfill the promises they made during past elections.

Molotsi Poka, a resident of Thabong township in Welkom, has expressed his frustration and in the operations of  the ruling party by saying he is disappointed with the current government and he is not sure if he can still vote for it next election.

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The 78-year-old man said the only time he was satisfied with the party was during late Nelson Mandela’s time as president.

He also said his support to the party was in respect to the past hero who he said can never be forgotten.

“I only love the ANC because Nelson Mandela freed us, but now, I am not satisfied anymore. I am so embarrassed… we have problems of crime in the community, but nothing is done about it. I will see who to vote for next month.”

Another Welkom resident, Matshidiso Tsoelie expressed frustration at having to deal with an overwhelming stench of overflowing sewage that continuously enters her home.

The 58-year-old woman lamented how she had lost her furniture to sewage water that has on countless occasions, entered her house.

“The smell is so bad and sometimes I would be knee-deep in sewage in my own house.

“This has been going on for years on end. Since the last local government elections, we have been asking for the same thing over and over, but the councillors don’t want to help out,” she said as she explained how the sewage leaks spews from the toilet, into the kitchen and then the living room.

Tsoelie blatantly refused to cast her vote for her party in the coming election.

“I am tired; maybe I will try another party.” she said

“The Councillor’s phone is always off… I have lost a lot of things, things I can’t replace, like pictures of my youth. Now I have nothing to show my grandchildren. I even struggle with arthritis, because I am always cleaning up as a result of the sewage that floods my entire home.”

Tsoelie said she has lodged numerous complaints with the local councilor, but he had failed to do anything.

The ANC Has Done Nothing

Meanwhile, Poka’s son Teboho, who was present at the time of the discussion with news media, seems to have found a better party for himself after lamenting how disappointed he is with the ruling party.

Teboho said he had decided to leave the African National Congress after 25 years of being a member.

“If you are not satisfied with something, then you should leave. That is what I did with the ANC. It has been 22 years into democracy and still no change. [President Jacob] Zuma is not doing anything – even in his speeches – he doesn’t say anything new,” he told news24.

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Nevertheless, the ruling ANC has remained confident that it would maintain its grip on the nation’s major municipalities despite various rifts among party members and the numerous corruption charges laid on its leader, Jacob Zuma.