Human Genital Collector Set To Appear In Bloemfontein’s Magistrate Court Today


63-year-old human genital collector Peter Frederiksen, who was accused of mutilating several victims is expected back in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday 13th January 2016.

The 63-year-old Danish genital collector was arrested in September after police discovered 21 packages containing things suspected to be female genital parts, neatly labelled in plastic bags, at his home in South Africa following an anonymous tip-off.

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According to police, anaesthetic drugs and surgical equipment were also found at the house of the human genital collector after a thorough search. Frederiksen, who reportedly owns two gun shops in South Africa, allegedly sedates his victims with anaesthetics before performing illegal operations on them.

Police also said the majority of his victims were from Lesotho, a small kingdom surrounded by South Africa.

A police spokesman said Frederiksen kept a record of every body part he allegedly stored, who it was taken from and when it was cut out. This led to the discovery that his first suspected victim was in 2010. He also kept pornographic pictures of children, investigators have said.

During his last appearance in November, Frederiksen was denied bail by the Magistrate Marlene Marais. She told the court that just because the Danish had children in South Africa does not mean he has any kind of ties to the country because he also had children in Denmark his birth country. There was also a high chance he could intimidate witnesses to his side, she said.

The genital collector Frederiksen, faces charges including assault with the intent to impact malicious bodily harm, engaging in child pornography, distribution of child pornography, possession of child pornography, conspiracy to murder and bigamy.

He is being investigated for the murder of his 28-year-old wife Anna Matseliso Molise, who died in the hospital from wounds sustained after she was shot four times outside her home in Lesotho following his arrest. She was expected to be a key State witness in the case against her husband.

During a cross-examination by the prosecutor, Peter Frederiksen told the court that he learnt of his wife’s death through the media.