Howell Road Residents Remain Adamant As Red Ants Set To Evict


Residents of Howell Road have ignored calls to vacate the Howell road community. They were greeted early this morning by a large number of armed Red Ants outside the estate ready to evict 31 families.

Despite heavy police presence in the area, the residents earlier this morning took to the streets to protest the housing situation. 

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The angry community members gathered at the beginning of Howell Road blocking off the area in  a way of preventing the red ants from performing their course. 

A police man who pleaded to be anonymous because he is not authorized to speak to the media, told Buzzsouthafrica news reporter that they were given a High Court order to evict occupants of 31 houses in the community. 

Thirty-one out of 35 families were  in April, given eviction letters from First Metro, the company owning the property. They were told to pay R1 800 or face eviction

The residents meant to be evicted were however, given one-hour to obtain a court interdict to stop the eviction.

Howell Road residents ready to die 

Chairman of the residents committee Popo Zungu says, “People are here, we are here as we said before, we are prepared to die here. These houses are ours.

“We are not going anywhere. Hawks or no Hawks, Ants or no Ants, this matter is still under investigation” he said.


The residents insisted that they wouldn’t move their belongings except they are provided with RDP housing. 

“What I do know is that we did qualify for RDP housing,” he said. 

“If they feel those are not good enough for us they must then provide us with housing we qualify for,” Zungu said.

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The residents maintained that they have lived in the homes for nearly 15 years, and have been angered by the move. According to them, when they moved in, they were under the impression they had gone into a rent-to-own agreement.