Learn The Magic Of How To Talk To Girls Without Running Out Of What To Say

Many guys find it very difficult to sustain a conversation with a young lady beyond the usual pleasantries. In fact, they run out of ideas within the first few minutes of starting the conversation, it is important to know how to talk to girls without forgetting yourself or running out of something to say. Actually, you will be told that having confidence is the best thing to do while approaching a lady. However, it takes more than that to sustain a meaningful conversation. It does not matter whether you are shy or not, you just have to find something you can discuss comfortably. No one will even notice the fact that you are shy. Below are some tips that could prove helpful towards helping you never to run out of ideas while talking to a lady.

To begin with, you have to appreciate the fact that as you approach a woman, what you will say will not play a part in building attraction. The words you use do not really matter. Below are the reasons and other ideas apart from being choosy about the words you use:

How To Talk To Girls and Impress Them

– 93% of Communication is Non-Verbal

What many people do not understand is the fact that a good percentage of communication between people happens in the sub-communication level. If you are always keen on planning the things you will say to that girl, you are getting it wrong. In fact, that is one of the reasons why some people get nervous while talking to women. There are other modes of communication that go beyond words. For instance, eye contact is very important in any conversation. It can make the girl follow what you are saying even when it is actually senseless. Body language is the first trick to having an interesting conversation. Your tone also matters so much. Tonality will tell the lady whether you have the confidence and whether you mean what you are saying. You have to pay close attention to the projection of your voice and your seating position. All of these factors effectively convey the message you are trying to pass across. In the end, communication becomes easy. By doing these, you have mastered the basic on how to talk to girls.


Remember that women are not logical, they are emotional

Naturally, men speak from a logical point of view. If you think about the conversations you have with fellow men, they are sort of plain.

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“How was the football game?” “It was good.”
“Did you talk to the guy?” “Yes”

This is almost a question and answer conversation or what others would call an action-response conversation. However, that is not how women talk. It is not even close to the way they hold their conversations.

“I feel awesome today, I was walking about today thinking the kind of wife I will make, did you just see that he stared at me! Why? Ooh, that phone is blue!”

When you study this conversation, it seems as though it has no direction, no path or logic in it. However, that is their perfect conversation.

However, you should not get this wrong. Women could speak logically while at their places of work or while in a logical argument. On the other hand, you should not expect the same in a social gathering or while on a date. Most of them prefer having non-logical conversations.

As long as she is interested in what you are saying, she will find you interesting. The old school tactic where you would talk to girls about fashion and style has now been overridden by events. Naturally, when you talk about something she is interested in, she will definitely enjoy the conversation. However, not all men have that ability to talk about topics that interest ladies naturally.

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One thing though is that even if you talked about fashion and you sound bored, she will get bored even though that is an interesting topic to her. Whatever you find interesting, show it to her that it can be something interesting. Talk about it like it is the only thing in the world and she will find the pleasure of listening to you and joining the conversation.

Remember that women are emotional. Thus, you have to be passionate about almost everything. If you cannot be passionate about everything, then at least prove that you can be passionate about some things. It makes it easy for her to feel you. With every conversation relating to a lady, always keep in mind that actions speak louder than words. If you can do all or most of these, you have certainly mastered how to talk to girls and will certainly become confident to approach any girl.

However, in learning how to talk to girls, it is not a one-time accomplishment but with constant practice, you will certainly improve.

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