How to Submit NWU Application or Check Your Status

The North-West University (NWU) functions as a unitary, integrated, multi-campus university. They pride themselves in the fact that they provide international standard academic activities that help students achieve their academic goals and get ready for a career. NWU has three different campuses: Mahikeng Campus, Potchefstroom Campus, and Vanderbijlpark Campus.

The NWU admission process is very straightforward and can be done online. It requires that the applicant gets a student’s number and then proceeds to upload the required documents. You don’t need any special technical skills to apply. However, you need to follow the application instructions carefully for it to be successful.

NWU Online Application

NWU Online Application is a 5-step process that does not take long to complete. These steps include:

  • Get a Student Number
  • Log in
  • Choose a course of study
  • Upload relevant documents
  • Submit

Before we get into the NWU online application login, let’s discuss how to get a student number because that is the first step towards applying.

How To Get NWU Student Number

  • Visit the official NWU website.
  • Click on her navigation menu.
  • Select ‘Apply Here.’ A page containing application information will be displayed on your screen.
  • You will observe two navigation menu bars. Click on the lower one.
  • From the menu, select ‘How to Apply.’ A drop-down menu will be displayed on your screen.
  • Click on ‘Apply Online.’
  • Click on the application login.
  • Click on ‘Create New University Number.’
  • Fill out the form that will be displayed on your screen.
  • Click on ‘Next’ to generate a university number.
  • Your student number and PIN will be sent to your address and mobile number.

NWU Online Application Requirements

As long as you have the required documents before you know it, your application will be completed. NWU online application requirements for undergraduates include:

  • Grade 12, Grade 11 final results, or a copy of your matric certificate if you have already matriculated.
  • Copy of your academic record (where applicable).
  • Identity document.
  • Completely signed and filled undertaking.
  • International prospective students will require:
    • Copy of your passport
    • Copy of relevant results

Applicants who qualify for exemption based on their advanced age of post-school qualifications and those who follow Cambridge GED or any non-NSC curriculum will have to provide an exemption certificate issued by USAF. Also, those working towards improving their Grade 12 results will only be considered after an improved result is presented to NWU.

The requirements for postgraduate applicants include:

  • Copy of ID.
  • Copy of academic record (where applicable).
  • Completely filled and signed mandatory undertaking.
  • International prospective students will have to provide the following additional documents:
    • Copy of passport
    • Copy of relevant results

For both undergraduates and postgraduate applicants, it is important that you provide all of the required documents. Failure to do so may result in your application not being considered.

NWU Online Application Login

If you already have a student number, then you can now proceed to apply. If you continue the application process at the same time you get your student number, you can log in. If not, follow the process below.

  • Visit the official NWU website.
  • Tap on the navigation menu.
  • Click ‘Apply Here.’
  • Click on the lower menu bar.
  • Select ‘How to Apply.’
  • Click on ‘Apply Online.’
  • Download and fill out the undertaking documents.
  • Tap on the application login.
  • Enter your university number and PIN.
  • Procedure to apply by following the prompts and providing accurate information. Click on ‘Next’ after filling each page.
  • Upload the documents.
  • After completing the application process, click on ‘Submit.’

Please note that it is mandatory to upload the undertaking.

NWU Late Application

If you are afraid that you have missed the NWU initial application deadline, you don’t have to feel disappointed because NWU accepts late applications – however, that comes at a cost. Until the stipulated application closing dates come, it may not be possible to tell whether or not they will take late applications and what their requirements may be.

However, whether your application is early or late, the application requirements above apply. It is important to add that you may be doing yourself a disfavor by not meeting up with the application deadline. Because you never can tell whether or not they will accept late applicants for the year in question.

How To Check NWU Application Status

After application, it is only normal to feel anxious while waiting to learn about your application status. Thankfully, NWU has made it possible for applicants to check admission status. Here is how to go about it.

  • Visit the official NWU website.
  • Click on the navigation menu.
  • Click ‘Apply Here.’
  • Tap on the lower menu bar.
  • Click on ‘How to Apply.’
  • Select check ‘Application Status.’
  • Tap on ‘Click Here.’
  • Log in with your university number and PIN to check your application status.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About NWU Application

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have regarding applying to admission to NWU.

How Long After Application Should One Expect A Response?

According to the information on the NWU website, applicants will get a response about their application as soon as possible. However, factors that may determine how soon you get feedback include: submitting the relevant documents and the time frame of the application. You should consider being one of the early birds.

How Much Is NWU Application Fee?

NWU online application is free. But international applicants will have to pay a fee of R550.

Can I Change My Course After Applying?

Yes, it is possible to change your course after applying. But that is if there is space in the faculty you wish to change to. If you meet the application requirements, you can send your request to change course to [email protected].

How Do I Apply For Residence?

If you do not have accommodation close to school and wish to stay in the residence that the school provides, you can apply for residence while completing the application process. There is a box on the form where you can tick if you wish to stay in NWU residence.

If My ID Number Already Exists On The System When I Want To Apply, What Do I Do?

When you want to begin your application process. If you get a notification that says your ID number already exists, contact any of the following numbers: 018 299- 4383/4130/4263/2445, 018 285 2227/2332, or send a mail to [email protected].

Do I Have To Write NBT Before Applying To NWU?

No, you do not have to sit for the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) before applying to NWU. NWU does not make use of the NBT test.

What Do I Do If I Experience Problem With The Online Application?

If you are facing challenges with the online application, send a mail to [email protected].

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