How to Port to Telkom from Other Mobile Networks

Telkom has a wide range of services available to current users. Over the years, the company has stopped at nothing when it comes to improving its services to increase customer satisfaction. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, considering that they have powerful competitors like MTN, Cell- C, and Vodacom. Telkom has gone beyond providing services for their existing customers; they also have services that have been set in place to help prospective customers who wish to port from other networks to Telkom.

Prospective customers can now switch to Telkom from other networks and still maintain their phone numbers. This service is very beneficial to customers as they do not have to bother about giving out new numbers to their previous contacts. Before discussing how to port from other networks to Telkom, let’s see what sim port means.

Mobile Number Portability

Mobile number portability is a service that enables users of network providers to switch from one network provider to another without having to change their mobile number. Before 2006, Mobile number portability was impossible, and due to that, many cell phone users had to stay with network providers they were not comfortable with to avoid losing their numbers.

In 2005, the number portability company was established. The company is jointly owned by different telecommunication companies in South Africa, such as MTN, Neotel, Cell C, Vodacom, and Telkom, and in 2006, Mobile number portability was introduced officially.

The introduction of this service in South Africa made it possible for customers to switch between networks while retaining their numbers. In April 2010, geographic number portability was also introduced in South Africa, but its geographic portability is only possible between the same network provider.

Today, South Africa and the United States of America are the only countries where number portability is possible in fixed and mobile lines.

How to Port From Other Networks to Telkom 

Telkom has so many amazing deals and bundles that those who do not currently use Telkom as their network providers may admire. These amazing deals and bundles are capable of prompting non-Telkom users to switch to the network provider.

Telkom has made sim porting from other networks so easy and straightforward that these prospective customers do not have to encounter any difficulties. Porting your mobile number from other networks to Telkom is completely free of charge and easy too.

Here is how to go about it:

  • Purchase a Telkom SIM
  • Register the new SIM with RICA
  • Using the number you want to port, send ‘PORTME#, your ID number# and the 20-digit ICCIC number (the ICCIC number found at the back of the new sim) as an SMS to 081 160 7678.

After sending the above SMS, it may take about 24 to 48 hours to port the number successfully. So after a maximum of 48 hours, you can now make use of your Telkom sim, and you do not have to bother about any loss of contacts.

What documents do I need to port my number from other networks to Telkom?

Port to Telkom

The requirements for porting your number to Telkom include a new Telkom SIM and your ID number. You do not need any documents to port from other networks to Telkom, just the above-listed requirements.

How to port from MTN to Telkom

MTN users who want to port their current MTN number to Telkom probably because they want better offers or are no longer satisfied with the services MTN offers can follow the steps below to port their SIM.

  • Buy and register a new Telkom SIM card with RICA.
  • Using your MTN number, send PortME#, Your ID number#, and the ICCD number as an SMS to 081 160 7678
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How to port from Vodacom to Telkom

Porting your Vodacom number to Telkom is similar to very similar to the process that has been discussed above. To port your Vodacom number to Telkom, follow the steps below:

  • Purchase a new Telkom sim
  • Register a new Telkom sim card with RICA
  • Using your current Vodacom number, send PortME#, Your ID number#, and the ICCD number as an SMS to 081 160 7678

How to port from Cell-C to Telkom

Cell- C users who wish to switch to Telkom can follow the steps below:

  • Buy a new Telkom sim
  • Register the new Telkom sim card with RICA
  • Using your MTN number, send PortME#, Your ID number#, and the ICCD number as an SMS to 081 160 7678

What do I do if I receive a message citing an unauthorized port?

In a situation where you receive a message for an unauthorized port out request, and you wish to reverse it, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Telkom help page
  • Submit a port reversal request online
  • Alternatively, you can call 081 180 and request a port back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding SIM Porting

When can I port my number?

All SIM card users have the right to port their mobile number at any time they wish to. What matters is that you avoid scams by following the appropriate process.

How long does it take to port my mobile number?

Porting your mobile number for Telkom takes from 24 to 48 hours, after which you can use your new Telkom SIM.

What is mobile porting?

Mobile porting is the process of moving from one network provider to another without a change of number.

Can I port from Telkom to other networks?

Absolutely, you can port from Telkom to other networks – you have the right to do that. If you intend to port from Telkom to other networks, ensure that you cancel all ongoing Telkom contracts and pay all outstanding bills.

But you must note that the article mainly focuses on porting from other networks to Telkom, which means you will have to find out what the other network provider you wish to move to requires.

Can two people have the same number?

No, two people can’t have the same number. After porting from one network to another, your number will not be given to another user by your previous network provider. Network providers jointly owned and operate the number porting company, so they work in sync with each other.

Can I port my SIM online?

To port from other networks to Telkom, you do not have to do it online. All you need to do is send the SMS. To avoid scams, follow the procedures explained above.

Can I port back to my old network?

Absolutely, you can port back to your previous network, but that will only be possible after staying with the new network provider for at least 90 days.

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