How To Check Stellenbosch University Application Status

The Stellenbosch application status is the exact stage at which an applicant’s application is in the university’s application process. Tracking your application lets you stay updated on where and how far your application is. 

It is also through Stellenbosch university application status that you get to find out if the university found you worthy of studying your chosen course in the school. However, your application can also be rejected, canceled, or kept pending for some academic reasons. It takes some weeks before applicants are allowed to track their application status.

How To Check If You’ve Been Accepted At Stellenbosch University

There is only one way to know if Stellenbosch university has accepted you to study in the institution or not. This is by tracking your application status. The application status of an applicant is simply the stage at which your application is at your chosen university’s application process.

The status of your application shows whether your application has been accepted, rejected, canceled, kept pending, or needs further action from you. In essence, you can only know if you have been accepted at Stellenbosch university and stay up-to-date on your application through the status track.

Again, you should keep checking your email for direct messages from the university as you move from one stage to another in your application/admission journey.

Is It Free to Track Your Application Status at Stellenbosch University?

Yes, tracking your Stellenbosch university application status is free. The university does not charge prospective students for doing so, and there is nowhere it is written you should pay anyone in the university to help track your application status. Payment of application status is not part of Stellenbosch university payment fees for prospective students.

How To Check Stellenbosch University Application Status

There are basic things you must have handy to successfully track your application status. First and foremost, you must have access to an internet-friendly device on which you can start the process.

To begin:

  • Go to the university’s website via this link
  • Go to the login icon
  • Enter your personal information for verification purposes. By your personal details, we mean your student number, surname /last name, first name(s), email address, and password you used when you applied for admission.
  • Click login
  • At this point, you can see your application status (you could see any of these: Pending Review, Requires Action, Complete, Undergraduate Admission Decisions, Pending, Admitted, Cleared Provisional, Admission, Ineligible, Quota Filled Not Selected or Cancelled).
  • If you’ve been accepted by the university, the next step is to follow the already-laid-down process to fill out your acceptance form and then move on to registration.


  • You could check the status of your application at any time by logging in to your Stellenbosch University applicant portal.
  • Click the “forget password icon” if you forget your password while logging in.
  • If you find it challenging to track your application status, simply email [email protected] to formally lay out your complaint. You would also be assisted in getting it sorted out.

However, you can also track your application offline by visiting the school and finding out more about your course from your department and other sources available.

When Can I Start To Check My Application Status At Stellenbosch University?

Like most universities, Stellenbosch university applicants’ application statuses are not published immediately after submission on the university’s portal. It takes some time before applicants can be able to check or track their application process.

If you applied for admission at Stellenchbosch, you could start checking your application status six weeks after the application deadline. However, you can contact the university for assistance if you encounter any challenges while tracking your application status.

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