How to Buy Data on Cell C

Cell C, one of the leading mobile network providers in South Africa, offers mega data bundles to its customers for unlimited access to the internet. As a result, it’s important to know how to buy data on the network to avoid excessive loss. In this article, we will be discussing the various ways of buying data on Cell C and some other helpful information in navigating the network.

How To Buy Cell C Data

Buying data on Cell C mobile network is not a daunting task if you follow these four options listed below;

  • Using the USSD code: On your mobile device, dial *147# or *109# and follow the instructions displayed on your device.
  • Online: To buy online, you’ll need to go to the Cell C website on your browser. That logs on to Self-Service on; then add Extra and add data.
  • Through the Cell C mobile app: You need to download the Cell C app first on an Android or iOS phone. After registration, you click on buy data and follow the instructions.
  • Self Service: For Self-Service IVR, dial 135 and select option 1 for “Manage.”

How To Check Data Balance After Buying a Data Plan

The following options will help you check the data balance on Cell C after buying a data plan

  • You can check the balance via USSD. Dial the code *101#, and your balance will be displayed. You can also dial *147# and select option 2 to see the balance in your SIM.
  • Alternatively, call 136 and pick the option to check balance when your call gets through.
  • You can also send an SMS with the word “balance,” or “bal,” to 14032
  • You can also view balance by dialing 135 > option 1 > “manage,” > option 1 > “view remaining balance and usage.”
  • Also, check using the Cell C app, log in to the app, and your data balance will be displayed on the dashboard.

Different Cell C Data Plans, Bundles, and Their Prices

Depending on your budget, Cell C has different data plans on bundles for its customers, and the prices are somewhat friendly. The categories of data plans you’ll find and their various prices are spelled out below;

SmartData Daily Bundle

  • Daily bundle 5MB – R2
  • Daily bundle 25MB – R4
  • Daily bundle 65MB – R9
  • Daily bundle 120MB – R14
  • Daily bundle 500MB – R17
  • Daily bundle 1024MB – R20

7 Days Data Bundle

  • 60MB data bundle – R10
  • 150MB data bundle – R15
  • 250MB data bundle – R25
  • 500MB data bundle – R45
  • 1GB data bundle – R65
  • 2GB data bundle – R95

30 and 90-Days Data Bundle

  • 40MB data – R10
  • 80MB data – R15
  • 150MB data – R29
  • 250MB data – R35
  • 325MB data – R49
  • 800MB data – R80
  • 1GB data – R95
  • 1.5GB data – R149
  • 2GB data – R199
  • 3GB data – R249
  • 6GB data – R299
  • 7GB data – R399

90-Days Data Plans and Prices

  • 10GB data – R499
  • 20GB data – R799
  • 30GB data – R899
  • 40GB data – R1199
  • 100GB data – R2999

Cell C 100GB Prepaid Data Deal

Cell C’s 100GB data plan, which is a prepaid plan that lasts for 6 months upon subscription, is a promotional plan with terms and conditions for qualification introduced by the company to run from 05 March 2021 to 31 January 2022. The promotion has ended and is no longer available for now.

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Cell C Nite Bundle

The nite bundles last between 1:00 am to 7:00 am, and there’s no rollover of the unused data after the inspiration of the plan. The available data plans under this option and their prices are;

  • 250MB for R6
  • 1GB for R15

Upfront Payment Bundle

This is an innovative data bundle that involves you paying a one-off and getting data every 30 days for 12 months. That means if you pay a certain amount, your data is taken care of for 12 months (1 year). The five options available for this plan are;

  • R129 for 100MB data every month for 12 months
  • R199 for 200MB data every month for 12 months
  • R399 for 500MB data every month for 12 months
  • R799 for 1GB data every month for 12 months
  • R1299 for 2GB data every month for 12 months

Cell C Socialize Bundle

The socialize bundle, as the name implies, is tailored towards social media usage. It’s affordable and enables you to connect to any of your social media platforms. The data plans and prices under this bundle include;

Daily TikTok Plans

  • 50MB data for R3
  • 100MB data for R5
  • 250MB data for R9

Weekly TikTok Plans

  • 350MB data for R15
  • 750MB data for R30

Monthly TikTok Plans

  • 500MB data for R25
  • 1GB data for R45

WhatsApp Bundle

The three options available under the Cell C WhatsApp bundle are;

  • 250MB WhatsApp bundle at R5 valid until midnight
  • 300MB WhatsApp bundle at R10 valid for 7days
  • 600MB WhatsApp bundle at R20 valid for 15days
  • 1GB WhatsApp bundle at R29 valid for 30days

How To Buy WhatsApp Data on Cell C

The WhatsApp bundle can be purchased online or by dialing *109#. You can also gift this data bundle to your friends and loved ones by dialing *112*1# and following the instructions.

How To Recharge Cell C Data

The various ways to recharge or load data on Cell C include the following;

  • Recharge with your credit card
  • Click on the mobile app and navigate to the recharge option
  • Recharge using your bank ATM or internet banking, using any of these banks: FNB, Standard Bank, ABSA, Nedbank, Capitec, etc.
  • Recharge by purchasing a voucher. Just dial *102*voucherpin#

Cell C Recharge Code

After purchasing the recharge voucher, you should dial this code to recharge, *102*voucherpin#, which automatically loads on your phone. Also, the USSD code is Dial *101# or Dial 8147#, and click option 2.

Can You Buy Data on Cell C With Airtime?

Buying data on Cell C, dial *135# on your mobile device and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to buy any bundle of your choice.

How To Convert Cell C Airtime to Data

To convert your Cell C airtime to data, follow this process;

  • Dial *147# from your mobile
  • Select option 3 ‘Send Data and Airtime
  • Select option 1, ‘Send Data.’

How To Convert Night Data to Day Data on Cell C

Unfortunately, your night data bundle cannot be converted to day data. The implication is that you have to use the data within the stipulated time (1 am to 7 am) before it elapses; if not, you’ll lose your data balance.

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